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Submitted By Andrew A. (cowgomoo)


Degrees is a weather AppleScript intended as a replacement for "Current Temperature", by xpander, which has been broken (through no fault of his) for a while now.

I cobbled this together because I was tired of not being able to display my hometown's lovely fall weather.

There are two scripts in this package, one for Fahrenheit and one for Celsius. To enter your location, just replace location with the five digit zip code or City, State. International locations are also supported. Just enter City, Country. Also, by including a percent sign (%) after the location, the script will give you temperatures to the nearest hundredth of a degree.



  • New data source! I've switched from using Weather Underground to using OpenWeatherMap. Using the API is quicker and the weather is even more precise.
  • Weather now calculated to the nearest hundredth of a degree if you include the % after your zip code or city

  • Changed script to work with a slight change to the data source.
  • Added an icon (and I use the term loosely).

  • Now culls weather data from a slightly different source.
  • More elegant and symmetric code between fahrenheit and celsius scripts.
  • Fully "internationalized" the Fahrenheit script as well. Now only returns the number. Append whatever you like. You can now exclaim, for instance, that it's "54 degrizzles outside" if you so desire.
  • Works again!

  • Fixed a mistake that neglected to properly handle the decimal tag. This should (hopefully) solve the rounding problem that has been reported (Thanks, newkai).
  • Removed some unnecessary code from the %_celsius applescript.

  • Fixed a mistake that caused both scripts to return the temperature in centigrade.
  • Fixed a mistake that made the Fahrenheit script always display a precise temp.

  • Now supports Celsius as well as Fahrenheit.
  • Now supports not only zip codes, but City, State and City, Country.
  • Can optionally display temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree for those of you who are sticklers for accuracy.

  • Initial release.

  • Known Issues in 1.0:

    1. Only reports the temperature in Fahrenheit degrees. I know this one is easily fixed, but I wanted to get this off as soon as I could to the Adium community.
    2. Only handles US locations. Because the script works from zip codes, only areas who have US postal codes can be fetched.


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# by evands on 11/01/06 at 23:43:04

Great :) I used to use the current temperature one when it worked. Now that there's a replacement, I've disabled the old one.

# by Mxwllsmrt4 on 11/03/06 at 18:14:58

what is the command to use it.

# by cowgomoo on 11/04/06 at 02:06:32

Sorry about that. It's rather unintuitive at the moment. I'm planning on adding other ways of getting the weather and fetching of other weather-related info.

It is (drumroll please) %_tempzip{zip_code}

# by newkai on 12/15/06 at 03:06:04


# by newkai on 01/18/07 at 00:40:37

There's a rounding issue that occurs sometimes... Right now I'm showing -9.69999999999999999C

# by newkai on 01/18/07 at 00:47:35

And now I'm showing -9.80000000000000001C

# by cowgomoo on 01/18/07 at 14:31:12

Thanks. I'm assuming you're using the percent sign after your location. Looks like I uploaded a bad version of the %_celsius command. I'm uploading a new one that should work.

# by newkai on 01/23/07 at 01:34:52

Thanks... Seems to work fine now.

# by evergreenscott on 09/11/07 at 02:20:12

Has anyone tried to use this script lately? I worked great until I restarted Adium and then it kept Adium from starting correctly. Adium X version 1.1.2

# by cowgomoo on 09/11/07 at 02:35:27

hey Scott. I use Degrees (I call it in my AIM profile) and everything seems to be working OK with Adium 1.1.2. Can you give me a more detailed description of what happened when you tried to start Adium with Degrees installed?

# by evergreenscott on 09/11/07 at 02:41:32

I was using it in my status message. So, whether I was available or away, you could see the temperature in my area. So, for available status I had "Current Temp: %_temp{zipcode}" without the quotes. I had to remove the script altogether to get Adium to connect back to the servers. I'm using AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and ICQ. -Scott

# by evergreenscott on 09/16/07 at 21:49:03

cowgomoo? you still around? Any ideas?

# by cowgomoo on 09/17/07 at 04:40:48

I'm here. Looking for what the problem could possibly be. don't see anything yet. try reinstalling it fresh, perhaps? what other scripts do you have installed for adium?

# by evergreenscott on 09/17/07 at 12:44:42

it's a new install and I don't have any other scripts. I'm wonder if anyone is using it in the away/available status message?

# by evergreenscott on 09/17/07 at 21:12:24

I have some more information for you.... I don't have to uninstall the degree script to get adium to present my contact list. If I put %_temp{zip} in a custom "available" status message it works until I shutdown adium. When I start up adium, it appears to pause, leaving me a menu and a blank contact list. If I go into Edit Status and remove the custom status message, save, then the contact list populates. If chat someone and %_temp{zip}, it works just fine. So, it's isolated to custom status messages. Does this help narrow it down? -Scott

# by cowgomoo on 05/02/08 at 06:04:16

Hey Scott,

Sorry for the delay. I got sucked up in work stuff and totally forgot. I sincerely apologize. I was never able to reproduce the problem. Did a new version of Adium fix it? Does my latest release still do the same thing? Let me know.


# by evergreenscott on 05/02/08 at 19:11:23


I attempted to use it today and put in the same string as before in my status string for available to 'Current Temp: %_temp{ myzipcode }' and it didn't work. It didn't kill Adium but I can't get it work at all now.

I'm on a new mac with 10.5 dual cores.


# by cowgomoo on 05/04/08 at 18:11:29

try removing the spaces between your zip and the brackets (assuming those weren't there for readability). It should read, for instance, like so: %_temp{70118}. or %_temp{New Orleans, LA}. The appropriate spaces between City words, and between the comma and state abbreviation are fine, but there shouldn't be any spaces for zip codes, nor any spaces between the brackets and the text of the zip code.

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