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Submitted By Peter Simonsson (pss)


A simple message style, inspired by the iChat bubbles. Available in four variants.


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# by rhythmicmoose on 06/26/04 at 01:02:47

I really like this. I'm using it now. I love how subtle everything is, but the dark grey sort of throws it off. I'd prefer a white background with higher-contrast bubbles. Oh, and full-size pictures too. Then this thing will be perfect.

# by on 06/28/04 at 02:49:05

Very nice job with this one. Love it. =D

# by on 09/10/04 at 01:01:06

i love this theme. but there seems to be a break in the bubble between the text and the time. very odd.

# by Sunil on 10/15/04 at 21:42:38

I really like this. The only thing I wish for is that the alternate edges of the bubbles were offset by a few pixels... like the bubbles in iChat. I tried to change the CSS myself, but just broke stuff... any suggestions?

# by on 12/16/04 at 15:57:44

I double click it but it doesnt install any sugestions

# by on 12/27/04 at 11:57:20

I enjoy this skin, I'm graphik designer and I realy apprecialte ichat design (realy different). The problem with adium is the status apparence, not realy visible, Ichat is much better in the interface, but no msn support dommage
anyway, thank for this theme

# by anouke on 09/16/05 at 15:14:26

I'd really like to see the user pictures with the 'white outlines' just like in your other them 'MiniBubble 2'. That would be great! Cheers.

# by rghatoum on 05/25/06 at 15:07:16

yeah except then it would be too close to minibubble 2. i really like this this is my favorite and now its my default. the timestap used to be messed up so i didnt use it until i just learned that if you go to Advanced/Messages/Message Display and changed the format to anything other than just the hour and minute, the timestamp will be fine

# by sleepwalkers on 06/29/06 at 18:13:54

Nice work, however I would like the choice of some background colors, maybe some pinstriped backgrounds and such.
Also, I would like to see just a little more definition in the bubbles themselves. Possibly a little more of a sharp (~2px) bevel with some contrast...

# by gomathesnail on 02/16/08 at 05:23:33

I use this theme every day! It's great. However since Safari 3 was released and there were changes to the webkit, it doesn't seem to display properly when there is no scrollbar and the bottom of the last comment is cut. Is this just me? I would love for this problem to be fixed :)

# by brnrdbrk on 10/09/08 at 17:15:31

Hope this theme gets an update, the problems that gomathesnail mentions are very irritating. Could somebody fix the problems? It would be awsome..

# by JuneAra on 05/30/14 at 14:47:01

This is great.
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