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Submitted By impdxn (impdxn)


Complete theme that makes it easy to quickly see who is online, takes up minimal space on the desktop, and is visually appealing.

The attached file contains only the "Color Theme" and "List Layout" files (imAdium.ListTheme and imAdium.ListLayout respectively). These files will configure the look of your contact list only.

To install just the contact list settings:
  • Click Install on this AdiumXtras page.
  • Select "Open Appearance Preferences" when prompted.
  • Select the imAdium theme and layout.

*If* clicking "Install" does not work for you then:
  • Download the file and extract.
  • Right click on imAdium.ListTheme and choose Open With->Adium. You should see a dialog box that says Installation Succesful. Click OK.
  • Right click on imAdium.ListLayout and choose Open With->Adium. You should see the same dialog box again. This time click Open Appearance Prefs.
  • Click the dropbox next to Color Theme and List Layout and choose imAdium

To install the complete imAdium theme:
If you would like the full complete theme as pictured below, go to



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# by evands on 11/07/06 at 20:07:29

Your blog post has misleading instructions. Rather than all those steps in Finder... proper instructions:
1) Click Install on this AdiumXtras page (this one)
2) Select "Open Appearance Preferences" when prompted
3) Select your newly installed theme and layout.

# by impdxn on 11/08/06 at 05:01:01

Clicking Install on this AdiumXtras page does not work for me. Plus just downloading the file attached to this site does not provide the *full* theme, just the look of the contact list. The instructions on the blog are for installing the full theme.

# by evands on 11/08/06 at 11:24:27

What happens when you click Install? I've not previously heard reports of any problems with this feature.

# by impdxn on 11/08/06 at 12:40:03

It was just showing the "Xtra Downloaded" window and that is it. I reset my machine and tried again and the install feature started working.

# by impdxn on 11/08/06 at 06:47:32

I've updated my blog and this page to hopefully make it clearer.

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