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iChat Black

iChat Black

Submitted By Hez Somebody (hezekiahb)


I found this icon on and had to create a Dock Icon for Adium. I highly recommend the full icon packs from Icon Drawer (did I meantion they are free). :) This is my first Adium dock icon so if you find any issues feel free to improve.

The Safari Icon isn't part of Icon Drawer's bundle, I made it. If you would like to add it to your collection click here.



OK! I have updated this package so you may want to download the updated version. I got some more time on my hands & decided to revamp this as I felt the Idle & Away icons were a bit lame. I also added a seperate Online icon. The connecting icon has not changed. Let me know what you think. The icons are in the following order on this page:

1. iChat Black
2. Online
3. Idle
4. Away
5. Connecting
6. Alert

For those who wish to cover the Adium apps actual icon you can download the iChat Black Icon from this link.

For those of you who's conscience wouldn't let you download an iChat icon for Adium, I have another set called Black Pearl targeting a simpler & more elegant style.

Please enjoy!

I've added a new connecting animated icon & an Alert Icon. The alert is very simple & is designed to fit with the theme overall. The alert is set to flash so if the animation is to fast or slow let me know. Other than that the package is as is, I just don't have time anymore to keep making major changes. If you dislike it I'm afraid you will have to learn how to create your own. Thanks to all who have contributed.

Safari 3 Beta is here & I have an updated icon for all! Get it here.


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# by pknull on 11/21/06 at 01:57:57

Can one of these be made without the camera :P It always feels like false advertising :)

# by midjetville on 11/21/06 at 09:35:15

this is excellent.

five ducks for sure.

# by midjetville on 11/21/06 at 09:44:49

if you wouldnt mind emailing me the safari icon, that would be great!

# by hezekiahb on 11/21/06 at 10:38:49

Sorry pknull, I have limited tools to alter this icon. You are more than welcome to create a version that excludes the camera, I simply used an existing icon made by IconDrawer. You may also need to ask their permission to release an altered version, I requested such permission & they granted it (they are nice guys). Sorry to disapoint you.


# by Spike_may on 11/21/06 at 15:32:51

well i saw this post just after thinking... "hmm i wanna make something in photoshop".. lol so cause am a nice kinda guy.. those of u who want this icon without the camera can download it from my website...




# by hezekiahb on 11/21/06 at 18:35:43

Thanks Spike_may! I've downloaded this & I will see what I can do with it, I've not created an icon from an image yet (I simply tweaked IconDrawer's iChat icon) but shouldn't be too difficult. I would like some input though on what you wish the Idle & away status to look like (if you want them) & also the connecting status. In case you haven't looked at them in action the connecting animation is for the icon to pulsate (normal to light & back down). The Idle is for the camera to turn yellow & the Away is for it to turn Red.

# by RagnoX on 11/21/06 at 22:32:33

Could you please send me the safari icon. Also, do you happen to know where to get icons in the same theme to, for example finder, word, excel etc.?


# by tetsu on 11/23/06 at 15:52:29

Good work ! Very beautiful dock icon !

I love your safari icon too, could you send it to me ?

Thanks a lot ^^

# by hezekiahb on 11/23/06 at 16:32:20

If I have time in the near future I will work on some revisions to the icon set based on the icon Spike_may actually created for us (big props to you). I would be interrested in some input on this as it is hard to find the style that everyone likes (or at least most everyone). let me know, thanks!

# by snarfer on 11/28/06 at 13:43:18

I approve of teh secksy!

# by blascock on 12/04/06 at 04:24:41

I kinda liked the other one where it was red if you're away.. can you please send me that one?

# by hayes on 12/10/06 at 11:34:17

Great work! But i think if there is some alerts or something will be perfect.

# by hezekiahb on 12/10/06 at 21:51:19

If I get some more time I will be sure to expand on what I've already released. What sort of alerts are you looking for?

# by hayes on 12/21/06 at 12:39:17

I'm looking for alerts just as iBubble. If you get a new message, how i wish there will be some animation alerts. but still, great work!

# by UnknownLoveSong on 04/05/07 at 21:02:37

Can I get that Safari icon?

# by hezekiahb on 04/05/07 at 21:18:39

Well I'll be, seems I forgot to post the link for that one. Here it is:

# by paploo on 08/13/07 at 08:20:49

so nice, just another question.. can you give us the link for the itunes icon, it is so sexy too.. please :)

# by paploo on 08/13/07 at 08:25:40

sorry, i found it, thank you!

# by jak92492 on 01/13/08 at 19:55:51

the only thing its missing is the bounce!
is there anyway to add that

# by hezekiahb on 01/14/08 at 01:25:35

The bounce is seperate from the icons. Go to Adium Preferences, Events tab. Here you can add different alert types for different events, including Bounce icon in Dock & display name of contact in dock. :)

# by hezekiahb on 01/14/08 at 01:24:58

The bounce is seperate from the icons. Go to Adium Preferences, Events tab. Here you can add different alert types for different events, including Bounce icon in Dock & display name of contact in dock. :)

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