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Submitted By Nick Looijmans (diCie)


I always had a terrible time looking for a Adium skin that didn't ruin the nice wallpapers on my desktop. So I decided to make one that wasn't so noticable then my previous skins. This one is realy lovely with bright colored wallpapers.

I hope you like it! Comments or suggestions are always welcome!

Note: For a nice result, set the opacity to 30%!

Important note: This theme can only be used with Adium 1.0 and later. I found out it's impossible to recreate this theme for earlier releases. Sorry for that.



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# by SpoBo on 12/04/06 at 08:44:10

It refuses to install properly .. I have two folders named Stealth.ListLayout and Stealth.ListTheme in my Contact List folder for Adium. In stead of them being files. Is this my bad, or yours ? :s And does anybody know a way to fix this? I like the look ... especially when the groups are folded.

# by diCie on 12/04/06 at 15:08:32

When I download it, I get two files... so it works properly here. Already tried to install it via the install link?

Anyone else who has problems installing this theme?

# by strawberrymeg on 12/04/06 at 15:52:36

i have the same problem spobo has and i installed via install link and its not loading up come this wont work for me either

# by diCie on 12/04/06 at 16:30:27

I reuploaded the files again, but I think the Adium crew has to approve it again, so it might take a while.

# by snarfer on 12/05/06 at 01:24:55


# by diCie on 12/05/06 at 06:08:29

Normally it should work now.

# by enkuturi-akrias on 12/05/06 at 12:11:33

very really cool colors :D i love orange and red :P were u get that wallpaper??? i want it
nice work

# by diCie on 12/05/06 at 14:58:33

I found the wallpaper on, here's a direct link:

And... the guy's deviantART:

# by dcentity2000 on 12/05/06 at 13:34:43

Gorgeous :)

# by JordanK on 12/06/06 at 19:56:58

The installer is not working for me, it will say it is installed correctly and open the preference menu but Stealth is not on the list...

# by krysia322 on 12/08/06 at 00:38:09

I'm unable to install it as well via the "install" link. Same thing as JordanK. Any idea how to install it manually? (As long as it's not complicated? LOL.)

# by diCie on 12/08/06 at 12:19:44

Hmmm, maybe it's because I use Adium X 1.0b15 - the beta version of Adium 1.0.

# by JordanK on 12/09/06 at 03:42:51

That is probably why. I am using the latest version, non beta.

# by JordanK on 12/09/06 at 03:43:23

Sorry for the double post, any suggestions - install manually?

# by diCie on 12/09/06 at 08:35:38

I tried to make a version for the latest non beta Adium, but I noticed it is impossible to have the same looks on 0.89. In this version you can't use transparency on the group names, as you can see on the screenshot. Installing the theme manually isn't an option. I'm sorry for all the 0.89 users and I hope the Adium crew will release the final 1.0 soon :)

# by tanaciousp on 01/11/07 at 01:20:03

i like it a lot, good job! thanks.

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