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Tango !

Tango !

Submitted By Olivier Charavel (Sekkyumu)


Tango for AdiumX :).

All icons by the Tango Team except some that are from me... but who cares ;).



** Dec. 9th
- Lot of new icons. (don't refer to the bad quality of the preview)



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# by dcentity2000 on 12/06/06 at 21:29:40

I'm digging these!

# by cewood on 12/07/06 at 19:08:39

I really like these as well, i think the Tango project is an awesome effort, i do have some criticism's though... currently when someone is typing me a msg it displays the clock icon, and i have a similar bug in the dock icon showing the icon with Z in it (presumably the idle icon)?

# by Sekkyumu on 12/07/06 at 19:16:38

Thank you :).

For the clock, you're right, my mistake. Just need to replace the clock by the "bubble with the pen icon". The clock will be used for the idle statut ("busy") instead of that little "bubble with a Z". My mistake so expect a v 1.0.5 soon :).

For the dock I haven't any of that problem... Do you mean that you got that icon because you're not using Adium at the moment ? If so that's normal :). I like having different icons to see if I'm online or not or simply using Adium or not ;).

I accept any kinds of critics so feel free to tell me what's wrong :).

# by athene_noctua on 12/08/06 at 12:48:48

I really really like these.

5/5 ducks!

I think it would be great to have the "bubble with the pen icon" as the typing icon (as you've already said), the "bubble with the exclamation point" as the content icon (this is fine as is), but keep the "bubble with the z" as the idle icon (I really like the "bubble with the z"). Maybe if it isn't too much trouble to have two sets available - one set with the "bubble with the z" for the idle icon and the other set with the "clock" for the idle icon, so users could choose between which idle icon they like best.

Still, these are excellent. Thank you for making these!

# by Sekkyumu on 12/08/06 at 15:50:25

Thank you thank you :).

Well I've already solved the problem of the Z bubble icon and the clock. ;)

The clock is now for the "busy state" and the z bubble is still for the "idle state". However I want to make more icons for the "eating state", "telephone state", etc... but I don't know the names of these states in English for the text file... any help ? :)

# by athene_noctua on 12/08/06 at 17:06:51

Awesome. I would love more icons - these are fabulous.

Let's see, here's what I'm thinking might be more detailed away messages that lots of people might use:

"Away: Busy" (the clock icon would work for this status)

"Away: Working" (the clock icon would work for this status too)

"Away: Eating"

"Away: On the phone"

"Away: Stepped out for a bit"


These are still a great start of status icons though. They're my new favorite.

# by cewood on 12/08/06 at 22:00:26

Hello again, i took the liberty of looking up the names of the different states in the wiki for you, here they are...

* Generic Available
* Free for Chat
* Available for Friends Only

* Generic Away
* Extended Away
* Away for Friends Only
* Not Available
* Occupied
* Busy
* Phone
* Lunch
* Not At Home
* Not At Desk
* Not In Office
* Vacation
* Stepped Out

* Idle

* Invisible

* Offline

* Unknown

So these are the actual state keys/name you should use inside your AdiumStatusIcons pack, and same goes for my reply in your AdiumIcon (dock icon) thread :) Again hope this helps, and i look forward to your next realease.

# by Sekkyumu on 12/09/06 at 07:26:13

Wow there are a lot :).

I'm gonna be busy this day i think ;).
If it works, new release tonight :).

# by BlackandWhitePenguin on 02/05/07 at 03:48:52

These are really cool, I love 'em.

# by jenny90206 on 03/15/07 at 21:38:10

5/5 ducks.
Very nice, clear, etc. I RECOMMEND THESE!!!

# by tasmanian_devil on 04/15/07 at 16:13:27

they are pretty kewlio!!

# by allyx on 10/25/07 at 13:09:25

I have been using Tango for quite some time now, but now the "Entered text" icon seems to have disappeared? Maybe it was like this the entire time, and I just happened to notice it now? Where did it go!

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