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Zelda (Ocarina of Time) 1.1

Zelda (Ocarina of Time) 1.1

Submitted By Liz (zombihunter)


This is similar to my first Message style except I changed the name (hopefully people will get this one now) and I have changed the text color from grey to a dark brown.

This is met to go with my soundset and status icons.

C&C welcomed.



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# by snarfer on 12/13/06 at 14:24:50

This is an old version; I don't know if I should approve it, to reduce confusion between the two....

# by zombihunter on 12/13/06 at 15:04:44

Well considering when this one was approved and made active it would not allow people to download it. It would download So I had to rename everything and when I tried to re-upload it it wouldn't let me so I tried deleting and starting over.

# by snarfer on 12/14/06 at 23:16:28

But this is version 1.1 of the current version 2.0. I still don't see a reason to re-approve it since there's already another existing version. Essentially what I'm saying is that this is like a dupe.

# by zombihunter on 12/15/06 at 11:18:04

Yeah but this one doesn't have the burnt edges which can cause some issues with reading text. Some people might not like the burnt edges. Would there be anyway to at least make this able for people to download if they don't like the other graphic style?

# by xXx-surfer_girl-xXx on 06/08/07 at 19:13:56

i'm so sad about this... :(
because i'm a zelda fanatic but this won't load on my computer, because i use jaguar
i no i need to update but i'm a teenager in high school on a rly old mac laptop because the rest of my family lives on pc's and i hate it!

is there anything i can do to get this to work on my computer?
it it helps i'm running on verision 10.2.8
pleeeeeeeeeease if there is anything i can do to make this work
i love it!!

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