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Shakespearean Insult

Shakespearean Insult

Submitted By Matt Healy (lankybutmacho)


Takes a randomly generated Shakespeare-style insult from Allows you to specify the capitalization of the first letter, so you can use the insult in a sentence if you want. Someday, this would probably be cooler if the insult generator were built-in, but that's a ways down the road.

Usage: %_insult{t} to begin with a lowercase letter, and %_insult{T} for uppercase.


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# by cheesechick on 07/02/04 at 05:48:19

Awesome idea, but it's really, really slow, even on my G5.

# by lankybutmacho on 07/02/04 at 12:27:29

Yeah, the reason is that it's curling that website every time it runs, so it'll depend more on your internet connection than processor. That's why it'd be better if the insult generator was built in.

# by on 07/05/04 at 02:51:34

lankybutmacho, please don't get mad or anything, but I decided to take your script and modify it some to have a database, rather than use the web. I first wrote a script to extract and save the phrases from that website, then I put them in a big list in the script which it chooses randomly from. I wish I had the full list of adjectives and nouns to create the actual generator, but this will do for now. Tomorrow I might go through the list and extract manually all the things to create my own generator. We'll see.

I also disabled temporarily the functionality of choosing upper or lower case... the script wouldn't get sent if I had that in there. I dunno if its because paramaters are yet to be enabled, but whatever.

Thanks also go to 'tim' of the RandomPun generator, for his code in the list and random selection. (Sorry to all you people that I didn't ask beforehand!)

Wow, I need to learn Applescript... I can code fine in other languages I just have no idea about the syntax for Applescript.

OK, heres the file. Its just the .scpt file Panther-zipped, as I don't want to mess with plists.

# by lankybutmacho on 07/05/04 at 05:13:34

That's fine with me, Zeratul. I wonder if it'd be best if you re-submitted the script as your own, and we took this one down. You've obviously put a good amount of work into it, so I think the credit belongs to you. Mine required pretty much no work at all, so I won't feel bad if this version is taken off.

# by on 07/05/04 at 13:08:23

I'll submit it when I finalize it. If I can get the case stuff working (I might just make it 2 seperate scripts if the paramaters keep failing) and a real generator, I'll submit it. I also won't have your cool icon :-)

# by on 07/13/04 at 06:33:33

Keep this version around too. At work where I have a nice connection the response times are fine. If you manage to get ALL the quotes from the site, and the site is never updated I guess it doesn't matter.

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Current Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 06/29/04
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