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Submitted By B O (enkuturi-akrias)


Emoticons with icons of some applications of the regular mac enviornment, like iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, Automator, Adium, iChat, Safari, Firefox, Finder, Photoshop, Spotlight, the Trash can, Calculator and more.

You have to chat normally, and these icons will apear when you talk about an application or something contained in this set.

To send the images, simply write the name of the application normally (Example: to send the itunes icon, write iTunes, or itunes, etc)

There are a lot of applicattions i use, i created this to make the chats more small and more fast to see.


6.2 - Added Camino browser and Warcraft III icon as request.

6.1 - Added some games icons, example: StarCraft, world of Warcraft, Quake 1, 2, 3 and 4 and Marathon. Soon i will upload the Warcraft 3 icon because im downloading it :P

6.0 - Deleted the Restart, Shut Down, Log Out and sleep things because i wanted to :P, added lot of more apps!!! Changed the Explorer icon, resized some to make all the images to have the same size (22x22 px)

5.0 - Added the Restart, Shut Down, Log Out, Sleep, Calculator, iSync, Stickies and File Vault icons.

3.0 - Added the Photoshop, Flash, Growl, Dashboard, Desktop, Disk Utility, Eject, Entourage, iChat, iDvd, Messenger, Opera, Explorer, Preferences, Quicksilver, TextEdit, Preview, Spotlight and Cyberduck icons. New icons are coming, like the Office set and some applications.



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# by xSpikex on 01/07/07 at 12:19:04

good idea!

# by doubleback on 01/10/07 at 06:58:06

what happens if your friend says "be back in a flash" or "my stomach started to growl" or something like that?


# by kineticturtle on 01/12/07 at 07:25:52

Ironically, I love that kind of thing. I downloaded the Dinosaur Comics emoticons, and made Utahraptor appear every time someone says "disagree", and T-Rex appear with his beach ball every time anyone says "OMG". I'm sure I'll get a chuckle every time someone says they just came back from a safari.... or, I dunno.. talks about their robotic duck?

# by doubleback on 01/12/07 at 11:19:23


# by enkuturi-akrias on 01/12/07 at 13:20:46

huh.... then this isn't the better idea... hehehe

# by neko on 01/12/07 at 21:42:43

i got some ideas for icons to add later. Quicksilver, TextEdit (could trigger on 'text'?), and Dashboard

# by enkuturi-akrias on 01/13/07 at 17:36:19

Text edit and quick silver are good ideas, im working on that

# by enkuturi-akrias on 01/13/07 at 18:40:27

hey neko, sorry but i forgot to make textedit trigger when u write “text”, but it works when you write textedit. In the 4.0 version i will make that.

# by neko on 01/13/07 at 18:44:47

haha. that's fine. it's pretty nice how fast you updated :D

# by Hank-the-Cowdog on 01/13/07 at 06:37:45

LOLOLOL! Got some huge chuckles out of this one. Nice work, I await more icons. :P

# by enkuturi-akrias on 05/25/07 at 00:44:29

Here are a new small update :D
Any new suggestion to make new icons? Anyone?

# by tilc on 05/26/07 at 12:55:06

hi, could be nice to have game icons as well, like quake3, warcraft3, starcraft, action cube, ragdolmaster...

# by enkuturi-akrias on 05/26/07 at 19:02:26

Waw, ok, i will create these soon.I will include Unreal tourament 2003 too, and some others!

# by tasmanian_devil on 05/28/07 at 04:16:45

PLEEASE ADD THE SIMS 2 TO THE NEXT VERSION. I AM AN ADDICT. *twitch twitch* And Maybe I dunno... for iCal! u didn't include that or CandyBar or Adium remember to put those plz ty (btw awesome icons!)

# by tasmanian_devil on 06/09/07 at 15:03:23

im an idiot. I didn't see that u included adium. :P

# by enkuturi-akrias on 06/09/07 at 15:16:27

Dont worry ^^
Can you send me the Sims 2 icon to my email? I dont have it and im too lazy to downlaod it xD
Can you?

# by 002 on 05/30/07 at 19:12:27

:) good emoticons

# by enkuturi-akrias on 06/07/07 at 01:28:36

More issues xD
The World of Warcraft icons is activated when you say “wow”

# by Bigstomper on 04/27/08 at 07:31:13

Nice idea

# by Bigstomper on 06/11/08 at 19:41:27

Could you please make up to date and some like "/" or "()" in the trigger?

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To all the guys who created the original icons and images, Google earth icon by Adam Betts, Macromedia apps suite icons by Improv, Pastence.