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Submitted By Trevin Ward (tedger)


Edited for Apple's Automator robot from the future release of Tiger. Uses standard Away and Idle signs. Eye flashes red for alert.



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# by asan102 on 07/02/04 at 19:02:31

Would be good if it used the actual icon rather than this poorly masked version, but I guess that's not available yet.

Also, I don't really get the point of using another application's icon for Adium's icon...

# by on 07/02/04 at 19:38:32

when tiger comes out, this icon could get very confusing in the dock =O

# by Fonzie on 07/02/04 at 21:46:09

hint: look on for a replica that is quite good.

# by tedger on 07/03/04 at 02:03:34

might redo it with that icon. asan102, be a bit more polite. Just so it is known I put this together for some people on the forum that asked for it. I wasn't looking to do a masterpiece but I also don't think it looks horrible.

# by Fonzie on 07/03/04 at 09:50:30

@tedger, do you use the Replace Color feature in Photoshop ? It's quite good for making the different colors appear nice.

I did that to create my little FTPMini Mod.(Konfabulator)

# by tedger on 07/03/04 at 14:23:40

No Photoshop here, used GIMP. What I did was create 3 layers, Top and bottom are the robot, middle one is a red oval created using a brush with an opaque center and quickly fading to transparency at the center. Then modified the layer type for the top robot layer and vol?! Two new eye colors.

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