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Submitted By Somatic Gnome (BlackandWhitePenguin)


I modified the Glass Message Style by Spike May (which is a mod of Protoscroll– it just keeps going and going). I may be adding variants soon.

Also, not sure how well the download/install is working, so speak up if it doesn't work for you (or if you have any other problems).

1. Green And Blue (Default)
2. Blue And Brown
3. Blue And Orange
4. Blue And Yellow
5. Brown And Green
6. Brown And Orange
7. Pink And Blue
8. Pink And Green
9. Pink And Yellow
10. Purple And Yellow
11. Red And Blue
12. Red And Yellow

(Screenshots not in order, but I think you can figure it out.)

I'm happy to take requests for new color sets/modifications to current variants.

Please Leave Your Comments For Improvement!


1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 - Fixed Install Bug, Probably Caused By Idiot Xtra Author (Me)
1.2 - Added Lots Of Variants



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# by katlady81 on 02/06/07 at 16:57:45

Err - the Red and Blue variant is totally broken.
And the style won't accept the font changes I want, unless I go into the file and change it manually.
Trying to make the font "solid black" doesn't work, and keeps the font itself greyish/transparent which makes it REALLY hard to see.

Setting the custom background to a fully transparent color will make the window actually transparent, but also make it impossible to see things.

- I like the style, just needs to be worked on so it works properly.

# by BlackandWhitePenguin on 02/06/07 at 18:57:19

Yeah, I'm just about to update it with lots of working variants.

I'll look into the other things.

# by jimeh on 11/12/07 at 10:23:11

very plain, simple and stylish... me like :)

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Current Version: 1.2
Last Updated: 02/06/07
Spike May (spike_may) For The Original Style

Default User Icons From Modern Bubbling By Jim Myhrberg (jimeh)