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Submitted By Trevor Pawson (phork)


Graffiti style contact lists with a single list layout for the 3 colours; green, red, and steelish. Download the "Atakk" graffiti fonts here from

My first xtra, pretty simple, which is what I like.

(Known "Graphiti" typo, the "ph" is my thing.) :)


1.1 - Darkened the colours on steel to match my new dock icon and status icons.



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# by imarawkid on 02/10/08 at 21:22:03

how did you get the font and such to look like taht? talk to me on IM- imarawkid

# by sasha on 07/05/10 at 04:43:51

Free Graffiti fonts:

Once downloaded and placed into your fonts app, go to Adium Preferences
then go to the "Appearance" tab
and beside "list layout" on the far right is a customize button, click it.
you can set a font for usernames there
To change the Group font go to the next tab over labeled "Groups"

Hope I've helped :)

# by sasha on 07/05/10 at 04:46:19

lol "ph" is my thing too

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