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Pulp Fiction Quotes

Pulp Fiction Quotes

Submitted By Eugene Brodsky (boomstik)


I noticed there was no Pulp Fiction quote script, and decided to create one. This Xtra will insert random Pulp Fiction quotes into your message. There's a lot of them.

Based on the Douglas Adams Quote Xtra by Mick Kolby and the collection of Pulp Fiction quotes from WikiQuote

Please note: This collection of quotes, just like "Pulp Fiction" itself, contains language that will most certainly be deemed inappropriate by a lot of people. In other words, DO NOT USE this script in situations where profanity would get you into trouble. Don't use this script when talking to children, or in politically sensitive conversations. Remember that a lot of these phrases may offend people when taken out of the context. If you're not sure what I mean, just watch the movie ;)

I will not be responsible for any damage to you or your reputation resulting from using this script

With that out of the way... please enjoy!

You can invoke the quotes with /pulp in your message window.

I thought of adding the %_pulp designator, but you probably don't want the *f* or *n* words in your status message. If there's a need for it, please let me know and I'll add it. but you've been forewarned.


so this script has been updated, with most of the work done by Scott M. Champagne! Thanks Scott!

Changes in this version:

1. AppleScript streamlined (Scott)
2. Quotation marks around the quotes (Scott)
3. Easier to add/delete individual quotes if so you wish (Scott)
4. Each quote now has the character's name at the end - better for people not being caught off-guard by overly explicit quotes (Eugene)
5. There are now two designators you can use. /pulp will insert the quote in the current chat, like before; /pulp all will insert a quote into all open chat windows (Scott)

If any quotes offend you, please go ahead and edit the script to remove them. That's completely up to you... I consider them hilarious, and after all, it's Tarantino!


You can reply to individual comments by clicking the "Reply" link next to each.

# by R2Rx on 02/12/07 at 16:43:28

I love it but i would suggest adding in quotes so it would be = "It's not a date. It's most definitely not a date." not It's not a date. It's most definitely not a date.

# by R2Rx on 02/12/07 at 16:43:53

let me know when and if you update it

# by boomstik on 03/30/07 at 21:12:07

Hey there... It's been updated - quotation marks, just like you asked, among other things. Enjoy! :)

# by msliisa on 03/01/07 at 02:28:37

you gave fair warning that the quotes contain inappropriate language, and i really like the script, but there's one quote in there that says "nigger" which is just far too offensive to have in my away i can't use the entire script which makes me really sad. if you ever make another version of this or anything could you please please take out that quote? it would make me really happy! thanksss

# by boomstik on 03/01/07 at 02:46:33

So you're saying all the other quotes are politically correct enough to have in your away message???

Thats fine :) when I make the next version, I'll take out the line. A feature request is a feature request.

But really. Pulp Fiction? Political correctness? hhmmmmmmm.....

# by msliisa on 03/05/07 at 04:47:52

yeahh... i know pulp fiction isn't exactly the most politically correct movie ever (or at all really, hah) but i'm ok with all the vulgar offensiveness. its just the racial stuff i'd rather not display... but its a f*ing awesome movie so thanks for making this script!

# by boomstik on 03/30/07 at 21:13:10

Hey there
The script has been updated - I didn't take out the lines myself, but the script itself is more streamlined now, so please feel free to go in and remove whichever lines you find offensive... totally up to you :)

# by AgentsSka on 03/30/07 at 23:51:08

Alright, Eugene! Great script and great working with you!

# by boomstik on 03/31/07 at 12:39:33

Likewise :)

# by csquared on 03/31/07 at 04:08:57

Awesome. Better than a Royale with Cheese.

# by diegho on 11/14/07 at 15:09:04

how can I change the duration. I Mean if a like that each phrase last for 30 minuts or something, instead of the short time they do now. Please

# by Faceleg on 09/05/08 at 13:00:37

You rock.

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Eugene Brodsky
Scott M. Champagne
Mick Kolby (Douglas Adams Quote script)
Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction)