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Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana

Submitted By CursorK


Exactly what it says. A simple, nostalgiac Secret of Mana Message View. It works fine and isn't too hard on my eyes. Give it a go. You know you want to... Might want to force white text when using the background picture also. Few corrections made for 0.9 and the addition of buddy icon-less variants.



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# by beefcake on 07/03/04 at 07:04:41

you just made this rpg'er drool all over himself. nice to see old school rpg's making a comeback.

this is my perm. message view of choice. atleast until a landstalker or grandia theme comes by. :)

# by Wonotch on 07/05/04 at 21:06:36

oh man, secret of mana is STILL probably my favorite RPG of all time. this is awesome man :) thanks

# by on 08/11/04 at 04:44:51

yea totaly, lovee it, RPs are my life, the mana stuff is still koo" now days ya no. heaps of my mates at school like them to

# by kinda confused on 11/04/04 at 00:32:55

Well i installed it, and I am STILL waiting for adium to unfreeze. thanks

# by Dylan1077 on 11/05/05 at 17:06:18


# by on 11/08/04 at 17:58:59

Well, there isn't any issue here with any version of Adium I've used it in. Can't see why it would ever break Adium. I'd assume it is an unrelated issue or that strange kind of computer randomness that occurs occasionally... On a tangent: I should update and iron out some of the visual flaws at some point though.

# by zaudragon on 12/19/04 at 05:11:52

The screenshot bothers me... Why black out the screennames when you can blur them out?

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