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Wii Sounds

Wii Sounds

Submitted By Zach Foster (Zelf24)


As requested in the forums, here is my adaptation of the sounds found on .

This is my first version, I may adapt it to taste.



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# by itunesmc on 02/17/07 at 19:29:51

very minimalistic sounds try a bit more ;) maybe some sounds from games :)

# by icemonkey004 on 02/17/07 at 20:12:52

this is great! i made a wii contact list awhile ago check it out:
people didnt like the whitespace, but it IS a wii theme, geez.

# by twalichiewicz on 02/19/07 at 17:03:38

haha love it

# by HeadCrab007 on 06/15/07 at 18:05:48

Try to make the sounds a bit more similar, like the message recieved for example; doesen't sound alot like the message sent. Great work though!
3.5 Ducks

# by Zelf24 on 06/19/07 at 23:53:57

Thank you for the constructive criticism! Unfortunately, the sounds are limited by what Nintendo provides us in the Wii user interface. I've tried to stay as true to the Wii experience as I can, while adapting its native sounds to computer chat. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be more than happy to look into them when given the opportunity! :-)

# by celendis on 06/28/07 at 20:51:58

Perhaps to make the sent/receive sounds sound more similar, just increase the pitch of the received message sound. That'd probably be acceptable, except for the most pure of purists.

# by neilio_x on 12/06/07 at 01:11:06

I love this soundset. I don't own a wii. but I still think this set is awesome. I turn it down quite a bit though..

# by phelipon on 01/20/08 at 01:18:56

suena bien!

# by EmeraldVee on 01/23/08 at 17:19:52

Very nice soundset, though as said before, a tiny bit minimalist. The Wii doesn't exactly give a lot to work with in that sense however, so nice work ;).

# by seawitchipa on 07/06/08 at 20:35:16

I love this soundset. It's the perfect minimalist soundset. It doesn't crowd my home soundscape nor is it distracting.


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Credits: and Skylor from the forums for the inspiration