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Vaultboy Emoticons

Vaultboy Emoticons

Submitted By Henrik Engman (prinsen)


I really like the vaultboy (pipboy, falloutboy) from the Fallout series so i decided to to do some cutting and pasting to create a package of emoticons with the vaultboy. If there are any emotes that you feel that i have missed please let me know and Iīll se what i can do about it.


v. 1.1
Erased the frame around the face so it would be more compatible with different messagestyles and added a few emotes.



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# by Marduk on 02/19/07 at 08:00:31

A transparent bottom will allow used with any style of message.
If not they is really cool

# by prinsen on 02/19/07 at 19:12:50

I'll make a transparent version soon, didnīt think of it since my messages always is white. Thankīs for the idea.

# by twalichiewicz on 02/19/07 at 18:17:56

they're a bit hard to see the expressions on, but nice :)

# by locusmote on 04/20/07 at 23:30:16

Great idea! It needs tweaking, tho.

Marduk is right about the transparent backgrounds.

What really needs to happen is to make them larger. Right now, their expressions are illegible.

Can you send me the source files? I'd like to try to make a few changes, possibly colorize them slightly to make it easier to tell them apart. I will not upload them as a new set without consulting with you first.

# by prinsen on 05/04/07 at 09:08:36

Im affraid I seem to lost the original somehow. But I'll try to create some a new collection of originals wich I can send to you.

I realize that the size makes the expressions are quite hard to understand.

# by prinsen on 02/12/08 at 21:14:21

After some looking around iīve noticed that the images that i used as originals werenīt in any better resolution than the emoticons that Iīve added here. The source where i found these images of fallout boy was this page ( under the links perks, skills, stats and reputation. If anyone knows a better site with pictures of fallout boy. Let me know because then i could make an edition with better resolution.

# by skylander on 12/15/08 at 22:46:22

isn't work correctly in my adium 1.3.2/10-oct-2008 - only 4 smiles =(

# by Ducktatorship on 09/17/10 at 12:52:23

I have the same problem as skylander. I installed them under the Adium version 1.2.3 and could only see four of the many emoticons. If I typed the text emoticon (or selected them from the drop down menu), it would only show the text and no icon. I updated now to 1.3.10 version of Adium, and the problem remains. It seems it has nothing to do with the version of the Application, so I am at a loss for what to do.

Any ideas what it may be?

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