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animated MSN Emoticons

animated MSN Emoticons

Submitted By Karol Herbst (Karolherbst)


this is an anymated MSN Emotion pack. It will come more Emoitons soon.
If you have ideas for new emoticons, please post a comment or send me a mail to


1.3 Add the original MSN Smilys and Emoticons
1.2 13 new Emoticons
1.1.2 redefine some Emoticons
1.1.1 one new Emoticon
1.1 new Emoticons



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# by Yohmgaï on 02/27/07 at 16:35:52

Everyhing I hate in instant messenging emoticons ^^

# by Karolherbst on 02/27/07 at 18:02:01

ohhhh this is very useful for me!

# by enkuturi-akrias on 02/28/07 at 20:49:21

Parecen esos emoticones que usan los usuarios de pc...

# by Meska on 03/07/07 at 01:06:31

How can I make my own package? please tell me

# by Meska on 03/07/07 at 01:06:38

How can I make my own package? please tell me

# by Karolherbst on 03/07/07 at 13:06:22

Package? its enough if you create a Zip data.

# by Minas-Giliath on 03/08/07 at 20:06:35

more !!
pour une fois qu'on peut avoir quelque chose que les pcistes voient...

# by Wizardling on 07/28/07 at 00:54:06

YUCK! Utterly awful :-(

# by nikey on 09/29/07 at 01:01:31

thank you soooooo much all my friends talk on msn and use these and i was sick of not seeing what they were writing, i would love one of the fancier emoticons but its pointless as all my friends have laptops not macs and they all use msn so ignore the idiots who hate them they r a necessary evil im afraid, please do more thank you again

# by Karolherbst on 09/29/07 at 06:11:05

thank you very much,
if you want, you can drop the emoticons, which aren't in my set, and send them to me to my e-mail adress.

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Current Version: 1.3
Last Updated: 03/07/07