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Newgrounds Tank

Newgrounds Tank

Submitted By sdh


Inspired by UberBaristas Newgrounds icon I created my own variation that ended up like this.


~ 0.2
Not yet released. Will make a colored variation when I have some time over.

~ 0.1
Initial release.



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# by enkuturi-akrias on 03/04/07 at 14:45:10

Very cool!
What is the invisible icon?
Where you get that red font?

# by sdh on 03/04/07 at 16:42:55

that's camoflage over the tank, when i was in the finnish army we used that to cover vehicles in the forest.
uhm, don't really know, got it long time ago. but it's named luftwaffe.

# by UberBarista on 03/05/07 at 01:26:48

I like the Alert Set- never though about doing it like that.

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Last Updated: 03/04/07