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Submitted By Christian Cosas (csquared)


MIDI sample of all alerts in the original xylophone arrangement (1kb). Note that the MIDI xylophone you hear might be slightly different from the one actually used in the soundset.

This is a collection of six soundsets based on the same melodies. Each individual variation is an arrangement in a different genre. You can listen to a low-quality mono sample of the Connect alert in each variation (111.2kb MP3; actual sounds are higher quality and in stereo):
  • Rezso (the original) features the bare themes on a solo xylophone. Great for those who prefer their notification sounds minimalist and unobtrusive.
  • Rezso Symphonic is rescored in thicker orchestral textures.
  • Rezso Synths is arranged with various synthesizer sounds.
  • Rezso Rock is a rock band arrangement, with guitars and drums.
  • Rezso Africa uses African percussion.
  • NEW in v5.0: Rezso Platform uses a synthesized bell tone similar to those found in metropolitan public transportation stations for a spare, mellow, and minimalist arrangement.

The melodies I composed for the Rezso collection are built around a musical interval of a perfect fourth, and are more consonant than (or not as dissonant as) some of my other soundsets. This collection, like my others, is a compositional experiment for me. I've designed Rezso to express a unified musical idea while also remaining simple and functional. The alerts are encoded with AAC at 128 kbps, which allows me to bundle all of the soundset variations into a single collection.

The sounds activate on the following events: Connect, Disconnect, Contact Sign On, Contact Sign Off, New Message Received, Message Sent, Message Received, Error, File Transfer Request, File Transfer Begin, and File Transfer Complete.

Please, if you're going to dock this soundset's rating, leave a comment of constructive criticism on how I can improve it.

If you'd like to try your hand at creating your own variations of Rezso, the sheet music for the original is in a GIF below, and you can even download the MIDI file above to drop into GarageBand or your composition software of choice. Please note the license terms.

Copyright 2007 by Christian Cosas. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.


v5.0 - 29 October 2007 Added Rezso Platform variation.
v4.1 - 19 September 2007 Completely remastered xylophone levels in Rezso. Shortened Error alert in Rezso.
v4.0 - 7 September 2007 Added Rezso Africa variation. Amplified the xylophone volume on most of the alerts in Rezso.
v3.0 - 31 August 2007 Added Rezso Rock variation.
v2.0 - 17 August 2007 Added Rezso Synths variation. Amplified volume for the Connect/Disconnect alerts in Rezso Symphonic.
v1.1 - 1 August 2007 Combined Rezso and Rezso Symphonic into a single archive.
v1.0 - 27 March 2007 Initial release.



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# by pepijn on 04/06/07 at 12:42:50

after writing this i'll vote!
this is just so nice and different from al those bleeps, boings and copy's of other games/movies/im clients.

# by pepijn on 04/06/07 at 12:52:02

it is so nice, maybe you can make the log-on an log-off sounds some longer.
or something else that you hear not to much.... i figure it's not good to hear 5 minutes of music if you send an message, but a little longer log-on sound is good i think....

# by csquared on 04/06/07 at 14:04:16

pepjin, thanks for your comments! As a matter of personal taste and functionality (dozens of my contacts sign on and off regularly), I like to keep my Contact Sign On/Off alerts relatively short. Admittedly, these are the shortest Sign On/Off alerts I've composed so far.

If you like them longer, you might want to check out some of my other musical soundsets. By comparison, even Rezso Symphonic's Sign On/Off alerts are just a touch longer because of the nature of the thicker orchestration. Both Fool's Courts variations are pretty long. I think Cathedral Diminished and Bluesy Piano are my longest (and consequently, I don't use either of those two that often). The two Tritone sets, I think have the perfect length.

# by pepijn on 04/06/07 at 15:04:25

i mend the sound when you yourself log-on, that's only one time, so it can be longer i think.
but it's not needed, it's cool this way to....
i downloaded some other sound sets from you, but this is the best i think...(didn't try the tritone ones)
with the most sound sets the received/send message sound gets very annoying, but this on isn't.

# by csquared on 04/07/07 at 00:21:07

Aha. Actually, I'm always worried about my Connect/Disconnect alerts being too long. I realize that I have a little more leeway with those sounds in particular, but still, I don't want them to overstay their welcomes.

# by Mistron on 08/01/07 at 20:50:05

Wonderful set!

Only one I will ever use :)

# by Walrus on 09/01/07 at 01:52:12

Have to say, the rock version amuses me greatly. Well done as always!

# by domenic1 on 04/19/08 at 03:01:42

Fantastic Absolutely Amazing set.
I like the Symphonic Set :)

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