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Submitted By estavokalossi


Simple, functional soundset; like audio Ikea. Gives Adium a nice fresh feeling with no residual aftertaste. Enjoy!


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# by Darmot7 on 08/19/04 at 01:05:57

if you like plink, i think youll like this, i gave it a 5 and i now use it as my main :).

# by Krellian on 08/31/04 at 09:58:15

I'm pretty much loving this, I like the ambient sort of out of the way sound it has to it

# by Cabbie on 12/21/04 at 17:07:58

I'm loving this, it's equivalent with it's name even!

# by Cruciarius on 02/21/06 at 21:33:05

i've used this since i got adium and haven't found anything to replace it, yet. keep up the good work!

also, i noticed you mentioned you made it with Reason. care to explain how? i'd like to take a crack at making my own sound set.

# by skatch on 07/14/06 at 03:34:58

If Apple had designed Adium's soundset, it would sound like this. Effective, classy & unobtrusive. I keep wondering why this isn't the default soundset included with Adium.

# by iPuce on 02/08/07 at 13:40:19

I like it! Not so loud, quick souds, very nice.

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