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Kitty Duck (also with MacBook)

Kitty Duck (also with MacBook)

Submitted By Rachel Mc (kookoo2052)


so i mostly made this for me but if anyone really likes it i guess go ahead! its a pink dat *cat-duck* that also has a mac book
avaible with and without macbook





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# by snarfer on 04/02/07 at 19:51:06

Just in time for Easter?

# by adium on 04/02/07 at 21:36:40

make different colors, like black blue and the original green

# by kookoo2052 on 04/03/07 at 01:22:21

ummm ok sure

# by adium on 04/03/07 at 09:19:38

and make it look less like you drew the face on

# by kookoo2052 on 04/03/07 at 11:59:47

ummmm... illl try
idk how though and p.s. it wont work on mine lol

# by Fruzion on 04/04/07 at 11:07:24

pictures would be helpful!

# by sdh on 04/05/07 at 04:33:28

yeah, i agree.

# by tasmanian_devil on 06/05/07 at 22:29:56

nicely done~!

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