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Submitted By Kelly McCormick (kmccormi)


Pretty self-explanatory: this was made from Iconfactory's application, Twitterrific's icons.
Made to go with my Twitterrific contact list theme:

Twitterrific -
Twitter -



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# by mathuaerknedam on 04/09/07 at 17:54:21

It's not clear to me what all of the symbols mean. I can see from the package contents that the Twitter "t" means "away". I have two buddies with that icon, but one is simply "away" and the other is both "away" and idle". Another buddy is simply "away" but has the "x" (busy) icon. Other icon packs give all three the same icon. What gives?

# by kmccormi on 04/10/07 at 04:45:44

Yeah, I guess that's a problem inherent with the fact that I took the icons directly from Twitter and there were only 5 or 6 that I had to spread across multiple states. I did the best I could, but if you don't like the way they are now, you can of course right-click on the icon pack and choose "show package contents" and then rename the icons to suit your taste. For me, I chose the "t" icon for whenever a buddy entered an away message. If a buddy is idle or any other unavailable state really, he is an "x" which is also the "offline" state since personally, I don't choose to show offline buddies. If you have any suggestions for how better to apply the icons to the various states, I would welcome suggestions in the comments.

# by antipeople on 04/12/07 at 16:28:23

What is the program to the right?

# by kmccormi on 04/12/07 at 21:22:35

are you serious???

# by 5genju on 04/23/07 at 20:04:34

I like the overall look (I have used for some days your complete set). It is difficult to understand the meanings os the heart, t,... even though I like the fact that they are grey. Are you planning to expand the number of icons ??

# by kmccormi on 05/15/07 at 04:25:56

I took them straight from Twitterrific and used most of the icons included. I wouldn't be the person to ask to expand the pack with my own additional icons in the same style, so I've just made use with what's already provided. So unless Twitterrific includes new icons in future releases, I don't think I'll expand the pack. Sorry, but glad you enjoy them as limited as they are.

# by thousandyearjam on 10/19/07 at 15:35:54

what list layout are you using in those shots? i like it =]

your icons are sweet, too.

# by thousandyearjam on 10/19/07 at 15:36:58

actually... forget that question. comment still stands, though

# by m1kee on 12/31/07 at 13:41:22

Hey! :) Just thought you'd like to know that I used your status icons for a contact list style I made.
This page is linked and you are credited.
Awesome job btw!

# by m1kee on 12/31/07 at 13:41:59

# by flamingt0fu on 03/22/08 at 20:49:34

it's very cute (:

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