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Adiumy Framed

Adiumy Framed

Submitted By Mistron


This is a version of the vector duck animated by Radek that has been put into the Warcraft III Frozen Throne border. The duck currently only comes in green but I could try for more colours if there was a need for them. I chose the frozen throne border rather than the reign of chaos border becaue the entire pic was in the border, rather than on top of it.

Hope that you like it!


1.0 - Inital release
2.0 - New Green-Brown coloured background added (Any new background suggestions welcomed!) {Typo noticed in Green-Brown name, Green-brown not Green-Blue, Will be fixed next version}
2.1 - Typo fixed


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# by Fruzion on 04/14/07 at 13:17:43

very nice.... the background and the frame and adiumy don't fit together much though... try a green themed background

# by Hank-the-Cowdog on 04/18/07 at 03:47:07

I agree, the background doesn't work, but good job with the duck itself.

# by Mistron on 04/21/07 at 20:37:20

Thank you very much, I didn't make the duck tho, Just stuck it in the frame... Ill try for a green themed background soon, I have quite a few projects on the go right now though.

# by Hank-the-Cowdog on 04/22/07 at 07:37:18

You may want to do some experimenting with background themes, to see what style/color looks the best. Like, I'm not entirely sure a green-themed background would look all that great with an already green duck, maybe something more brownish, it really depends... Best way to find a good combination is to experiment. :)

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2.70 / 14 votes
Current Version: 2.0
Last Updated: 05/11/07
Ducks created by Sam, Edited by Radek (
Frame by Blizzard for their warcraft III Frosen throne game.