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Adium CS3

Adium CS3

Submitted By Rocha (rocha)


Adium icon that matches Adobe CS3 applications


Lowercase "d". Icon now animated when connecting...



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# by 5genju on 04/22/07 at 20:34:21

Very good one, even if that D could be thicker. Is it possible that in a next version you keep it green for off mode?

# by rocha on 04/23/07 at 13:14:24

You were righ about the D. What do you think now? I also made it green for the offline stats. Updates to the file should be approved in no time. Thanx for your comments.


# by 5genju on 04/23/07 at 18:58:58

Much better now IMO. I think that with those changes is the best 'adium cs3' icon for the moment. There are several versions out there.
I guess further development could include login movement and colour changes for every status. For purists that just want a static icon with minor changes, you got it right here. Congrats

# by Berzerker on 04/24/07 at 12:16:19

This is the icon that best matches Adobe's CS3 Suite, the different color status are way more notorious than silhouettes or any other complex change to the icon, according to my point of view is the best of the 5 available for download, and the better optimized too. Congrats.

# by 10cc on 04/24/07 at 14:17:13

How comes its a capital D?

All the others have lower cases like 'Ai' for Adobe Illustrator, 'Br' Bridge and 'Fl' for Flash.

Only the apps with two word names have two caps like 'ID' for In Design.

Just thought i'd say. :P

# by 5genju on 04/24/07 at 20:20:48

I personally prefer it with capital D, even though I agree that it should be 'd'.

Lets see how does it evolve

# by rocha on 04/25/07 at 19:06:25

Here. A few minor fixes... Lemme know what u think...

# by 5genju on 04/27/07 at 09:04:38

Very cool. The different colour for different status (dark red) is a great improvement. I didn't want to see those default away banners anymore.

How did you come up with that animation?

# by rocha on 04/27/07 at 11:16:07

Thank you for your comments. Animation is based on the new Adobe Updater. What do you think of it?

# by 5genju on 04/27/07 at 16:17:07

I didn't know about that updater but looks good. :)

I realised that when adium is in the backround and someone writes, it changes to orange. Before it was yellowish, which was looking better IMO. However, the orange has no dark gradient.

# by Fruzion on 04/25/07 at 21:14:56

what are the animations? pictures please!

# by ramcosca on 04/28/07 at 13:57:39

Interesting and very nice. A prefect addition to my dock, which has all CS3 icons in "order" of color.

# by mgirl on 05/04/07 at 18:01:53

woooooowww!!! ur icon is great!! it's really the best cs3 adium icon!!! i hope you keep making adium icons your design rocks!!!! i would like to know you better... :$ email meee!

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