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Submitted By Ben Howell (howellb01)


Really simple sound set. Created using garageband. Simple beeps and blips for events.
Minimalist and Subtle.

The sounds for receiving a message and sending a message are very very simple, just a single beep. Not a harsh tone, a soft rounded beep. This was to prevent it getting annoying in long chats. beep. boop. beep. beep. boop. can get old quick unless it sounds nice!

The sounds for signing on and off are 3 beeps. Fast ascending and descending tones for on or off respectively.

There is a different sound to the file request, more of a PING noise. It stands out.

Let me know what you think.
Any suggestions from improvement?




the sounds are under a category called "mysounds" when you install them.
Sorry, new to this! :P


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# by csquared on 09/04/07 at 05:12:15

Very spare and minimalist, but still functional. Nice work. It's a shame this one hasn't received more recognition.

# by ronald_poi on 11/12/07 at 15:58:30

The best soundset for me. Just what a soundset have to be: simple.
Thank you!

# by Bureau-C on 06/01/08 at 16:29:27

This is nice.

# by hyposonus on 06/02/08 at 01:17:09

This is just what I've been looking for for my theme, but I think you should change the message received/sent sounds, only because they are very low, and easy to miss. Possibly an increase in tones. But otherwise, great work!

# by Whittal on 07/13/08 at 16:01:55

I really like this sound set. Very simple but good. Doesn't interfere with music playing and doesn't get too much if you're talking to a few people at once. Good job.

# by Berco on 09/03/10 at 02:12:43

Honestly, my favorite sound set. It's simplistic enough for me as I deleted the sound of disconnecting as well as a sound when I message others. Simply perfect. Thanks for making this!

# by audie on 03/04/11 at 09:27:15

Super awesome theme, thanks a ton!

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