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Submitted By David Lanham (dlanham)


Little riceballs love you! Anime inspired expressions on simple white ricenoggins.


4.0 - Updated set with @2x versions to work on retina displays

3.0 - Added additional emoticons and re-worked existing with transparent black edges so they will work better on any background color. They're also a bit cuter ^_^

2.0 - Added extra emoticons and updated some old ones.

1.0 - Originally created for the Somatic theme, I didn't see them on here so I thought they could get some proper sharing outside of the theme.



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# by dcentity2000 on 05/04/07 at 21:27:26


# by FordPrefect on 05/04/07 at 22:25:07

THANKS! Your work always inspires me.

# by tasmanian_devil on 05/04/07 at 23:13:35


# by tasmanian_devil on 12/05/07 at 19:46:40

Do you think that you can make ornaments??? they would be so kyoooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

# by tasmanian_devil on 05/04/07 at 23:14:16

Also, u should make a status icon pack and a dock icon

# by BlackandWhitePenguin on 05/05/07 at 04:03:00

I wish there was a heart, then I would use these. Excellent though.

# by Fruzion on 05/31/07 at 21:48:14

Yeah, I agree. I love hearts.

# by lolamione on 05/06/07 at 21:48:30

These are absolutely wonderful :]

# by enkuturi-akrias on 05/07/07 at 12:09:16

You work surprises me everytime! This are incredibly cute :P

# by Ducky on 06/03/07 at 18:50:18

so cute!
makes me crave onigiri though.

# by cpuente on 06/14/07 at 19:05:18


# by zyxpink on 06/23/07 at 02:03:55

omg! they're so cute! ahh i could marry them! i love the thumbs up one! :D

# by Tenshi12345 on 08/23/07 at 01:37:16

*is new here* how do you get Emote Xtra things??

# by gethen on 08/25/07 at 08:23:31

# by gethen on 08/25/07 at 08:25:24

<3 these but there is no <3 so i cannot say so :>

# by dementia on 09/04/07 at 11:43:08

So cute!

# by kaiserz on 10/15/07 at 22:59:40

i love this set!! they are so cute! great work!!

can you add a 'hug' icon?

# by Cruciarius on 10/21/07 at 20:58:29

I'd like to see a 'hug' emote, as well as a 'meh', which is like :| or =| (see the panda emotes) and an 'Oh!?' emote, which is =. (again, see the panda emotes). I'm sure they'll be others missing... basically a replacement for all messenger emotes would be ideal. Replacing just the AIM (iChat) ones are nice, but I'd prefer a set of emotes usable by all messengers.
Anyway, excellent job on these and I hope to see an update to them.

# by Cruciarius on 10/21/07 at 21:02:51

I just noticed that the 'thumbs up' emote is entitled "Wearing Sunglasses". Shouldn't it be... "Thumbs up" with different keys?

# by allyx on 10/27/07 at 03:08:03

LOVE these! adorable!

# by allyx on 10/27/07 at 03:10:33

PS - you should make status icons with this type of style, i absolutely love them!

# by pstars on 11/13/07 at 02:54:57

Please please please make a heart, I would truly love you forever.

# by tamashii on 11/15/07 at 16:20:51

i had no idea you were on Adium. These riceballs are AWESOME!!!!

Downloaded. In use. 5 Ducks!

# by caffo on 11/15/07 at 17:17:04

An error occurred: Only the submitter, mods and admins are allowed to download Xtras before they are approved. :(

# by jeby on 11/25/07 at 15:15:32

Please, can you make it bigger??!

# by Xenctuary on 01/24/08 at 21:30:46

Oh man, these are so cute.

# by Pix on 02/09/08 at 09:51:34

Hm...okay, this may be a silly and "newbie" kinda question, but how the #@!? do you use these emoticons in Adium? I've installed several sets, but can't find them or use them once installed. Also, I can't find any info on using these in the Adium help section, nor in the site FAQ. Any pointers, please?


# by Anonymous on 02/13/08 at 21:16:15


# by xeon_jackal on 02/29/08 at 10:28:10

To use the Riceballs after having installed them, goto Preferences, Click on Appearance, the 4th option allows you to choose the emoticons you want to use. You may have multiple packs running, such as myself, I have ICQ, Yahoo etc.
To the right of the selection dropdown box is the customize button, here you can re-order the arrangement of which emoticons to be default etc, by just dragging them up or down in the list, top = default.
Hope this helped? ^-^

-> xeon_jackal

# by QtMousie on 03/04/08 at 21:21:15

Arigato gozaimatsu!!! They're awesome.

# by solly3 on 03/15/08 at 07:57:45

How do you make your own smiley set?

# by seawitchipa on 07/06/08 at 20:38:05

So adorable. Any chance that you'll make the orange kitty?

# by Cruciarius on 07/17/08 at 04:15:26

I see a pirate emote, but why no ninja?

# by neoneuromancer on 07/24/08 at 16:43:58

This is so great, I love you.

# by vampir3185 on 09/28/08 at 09:05:17

I edited a emoticon.phlist in Riceballs set.

Now, for some reason, every time I install this emoticon pack, Adium decides to tput the PNG files in a folder called “Riceballs.AdiumEmoticonOld” and put that in the trash, as well as putting the “Emoticons.plist” file in there too,

The Emoticon package is still left in the Emoticons folder in users/application support/adium 2.0 etc etc, but theres no pngs in there, and the emoticons.plist file has only the first paragraph of code left.

if anyone has any idea why this is happening? I fail to see why it keeps trashing the files :confused:

# by vloweer on 10/12/08 at 09:13:50


# by yingtwo on 12/09/08 at 06:11:09


# by kateweb on 02/21/09 at 09:49:38

very cute thank you

# by CyberSkull on 05/06/09 at 22:12:18

Lovely! I am always looking forward to more!

# by GuardianAngel on 07/06/09 at 22:25:00

Cute! I love them! ^-^

# by patisk on 09/22/09 at 18:46:42

so cute i think need to create the dock icon

# by QuackBlack on 10/06/09 at 03:10:55

I love these guys!

# by alexy13 on 01/03/10 at 18:11:17

Wow! These are excellent!

# by jeans on 04/15/10 at 16:12:18

Hi David,

the Riceballs iconset is just great! I would love to use them outside adium, is that possible? Couldn't find a license...

Thx, Jens

# by dlanham on 04/15/10 at 16:14:46

Sure go for it, I've actually just updated them, you can find the new ones here:

# by 2xAA on 05/01/10 at 16:04:48

Really awesome set, thanks.

# by rezzo on 05/20/10 at 00:48:01

Thanks for the update!, great set

# by dcthegirl on 06/06/10 at 03:28:39

Oh, I miss the heart from the original set, but I like the new emote too!

# by p_ghede on 08/12/10 at 07:59:29

Very cool. I love your work!

# by Amilianna on 09/07/10 at 22:16:44

These are my favorite emoticons ever. The only thing I wish I could have would be a shifty/sneaky emoticon (or set of two) for the >.> > _>

# by Lupanz on 10/25/10 at 17:11:30

cool !!!!!!!!

# by protagonist22 on 11/09/10 at 04:29:20

excellent design

# by hoerr on 11/23/10 at 18:29:33

It would be nice to have a chart to see what key patterns create which emotis... ?

# by Dr.black0xid3 on 07/02/12 at 13:52:14

Like It

# by zhou67832033 on 04/01/14 at 14:47:03


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