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Globalcast (Offline)

Globalcast (Offline)

Submitted By Elliott Cable (ecable)


I take no credit for this - I just followed the instructions given by evands!

This script will send a message to all of your contacts. Simply use /global_off{message here} to activate it!

  • This does NO TESTS to see how many contacts you have! If you're like I used to be, and have thousands of contacts on lots of different accounts, this could EASILY freeze your computer or make it slow to respond for a while!
  • If you use this a lot and get blocked by your friends, it's not my fault. Don't be an idiot d-:
  • This sends to ALL your contacts.. If you want to send a message to only ONLINE contacts, ignoring those that appear offline, use the partner to this script: Xtra #4214

The script currently sends the message to each contact-account PAIR- so if you have three IM names for one friend, even in one meta contact, it will send them the same message 3 times, once from each account. I don't know how to fix this, if you have any tips, I'd be glad to integrate them. Thanks!



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# by prairie_grrrrl on 09/20/08 at 02:23:05

Is it possible to send to all contacts in one group???

# by ecable on 09/20/08 at 10:48:56

Probably, you'd have to ask Evands how to do that.

# by prairie_grrrrl on 09/20/08 at 19:02:28

Ok, thanks. I figured it out. :)

# by highvoltage on 02/26/10 at 16:09:01

Could you please post how to post only to contacts in one specific group?
It makes the whole thing very interesting.

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Current Version: 1.0
Last Updated: 05/06/07
Original code by evands
A little bit of really easy hacking by elliott cable