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Submitted By Vitaliy (vitaliy)


There are many different random quote generators out there and I was a bit surprised not to see a pirate one. I have used the Bender quotes script by Evan Williams (cptyesterday) to write one. The script only has around 15 quotes right now, more quotes will be added in the next release!

The trigger is /yarr


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# by ashe613 on 01/03/08 at 14:30:55

I changed my version, making it simpler in some aspects and more complicated in others. it now has many more combnations, because i split the phrases into three, and a random part is selected each time. alsi, instead of your script with the random numbers, you can use:
"set yarr to some item of { [list goes here] } which takes much less coding, esp if you're doing it multiple times...

# by ashe613 on 01/03/08 at 15:17:38

i also put in a command so that you can call it with %_yarr

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Bender quotes by Evan Williams (cptyesterday) and all the pirate resources on Google!