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Submitted By Dumbledore132


Hey everyone,

I've been using Adium for some time now, and I'm absolutely convinced it is the best IM client ever created. But let's face it -- the world of Adium Xtras has been un-rightfully flooded with its visual attractiveness and flexibility. There are hundreds of List Styles, Message Styles, Status Icons, Emoticons and Dock Icons being added every week. Browsing through the collection of Sound Sets, I found myself unimpressed. So I thought, "You're a sound designer, why don't you take it upon yourself?"

This Xtra contains eight distinctive sounds inspired by Apple's iPhone ringtone: Contact Online, Contact Offline, Message Received, Message Sent, Message Initial, Message Background and Error. They were composed in GarageBand and Soundtrack Pro with the Symphony Orchestra Jam Pack, using the Marimba software instrument.

Enjoy! Feedback appreciated! Expect more coming soon!


Initial release.


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# by kineticturtle on 07/17/07 at 16:23:48

Very nice and easy to listen to, but I can't help but think that using more tonal variation would help differentiate between the sounds better; for example I was expecting the "error" message to have a tritone or a diminished chord in it or some such thing.

Great work though! This is my soundset now.

# by csquared on 08/06/07 at 14:36:40

Excellent work! Simple and functional, as any soundset should be. It is quite authentic to the iPhone ringtone—hopefully Mssr. Jobs won't feel overly litigious if he hears it—great job transcribing it and creating the variations.

I do agree with the commenter above that a tritone or diminished chord/arpeggio would work better for the Error alert. The one that's in there now just doesn't sound "error-y" enough.

Five stars/ducks!

# by lofight on 10/18/07 at 16:45:41

very nice sound set, i use always

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Inspired by the default ringtone of Apple's iPhone.