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Electric Sheep

Electric Sheep

Submitted By Ivan Goloub (eyevaan)


"Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K Dick.
Required reading for all g33ks.

I had real trouble getting the events to match up with what I wanted them to so some things are not assigned as I have it on my Adium. Thank you for your patience.
Events include, quotes from:
Roy - "Fiery the Angels Fell"
- "Time to Die"
Leon - "What's That?"
Gaff - "Lo Fa"
Ad Blimp Woman - ambient beaconing and warning music
Sebastian - "Yoo Hoo"
Sebastian's Toys - "Home Again, Home Again"

"Click Beep"
"zoom" from the photoscanner
Phone sounds - "Busy" and the ringer
Gunfire and echo

embedded but not allocated sounds
Roy - Time enough
Distortion from communicator
The opening "String Intro"


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# by tridento on 05/19/09 at 01:27:08

Well, that's amazing soundset. Thanks!

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Sounds adapted from "Bladerunner" sampled by Chris Gervais for OS8.5 soundset extras.