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Mikael Åkerfeldt

Mikael Åkerfeldt

Submitted By YeOldeRedneck


Dock Icon based on Mikael Akerfeldt, lead guitar and vocalist of the Progressive Rock band Opeth. It's based on the idea Wolfsoap had for his excelent icon "Grandpar" so, even while it has little to do with it, I would like to give credit to him. Sorry for my bad english, hope you enjoy it.



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# by Reita-sama on 08/17/07 at 21:57:09

This is worse than the other dude's set with his ginormous, down syndrome-having friend.

I don't know whether this dude rocks or not, but he's too ugly to have in a dock. Or in a trash bin, for that matter.

# by fireythefireman on 09/13/07 at 13:50:20

Dude, You are a tool. Don't speak. You don't know what you are or who you are talking about. Besides, not that i take your opinion seriously because i do not, but you are probably uglier than that guy who was born without a face and had to get a prosthetic face made for him.

# by Reita-sama on 09/13/07 at 14:29:20

I don't know who I am? Wow, this reply makes about as much sense as whatever reason this dude had for making as ugly-ass extra like this.

You kind of need to go back to school, too. How old are you? Twelve?

# by fireythefireman on 09/13/07 at 14:51:06

Okay, this time i will type extra slow and overemphasize what i am saying, such that you in your obtuse state of mind (probably caused by inbreeding) can understand what i am saying. As I had said before: YOU..... you understanding this so far???? (continuing) Do not know ......... what you are ........OR ........... who you are talking about. Ok now let's analyze that statement shall we? This, my feebleminded frenemy, is a combination of two statements put together into one statement. The first statement being: You do not know who you are talking about. And the second statement being: You do not know what you are talking about. If you put these two statements together into one, what you could get is: You don't know what you are or who you are talking about. This forms a perfectly understandable cohesion between the two statements that anyone with an IQ higher than the IQ of a dead cactus would be able to understand. Now, since you don't fulfill that minimum requirement, I now had to break that down into a fashion that could be understood by the proverbial COMPLETE IDIOT (that would be you by the way). Now go away, and for god sakes try to make some friends or something. Life must suck for you having people belittle you all the time for your stupidity. Oh and one more thing; Here's the address to a free online dictionary which you can use to look up any word that I had said that you do not understand:

# by Reita-sama on 09/13/07 at 14:54:01

Are you all right, or are you usually so butthurt over petty things like this?

Get a life, please, haha.

# by fireythefireman on 09/13/07 at 15:04:30

It's okay, i can admit that i am offended by unbelievable stupidity. I'm perfectly comfortable with that. Perhaps it is you that is the one who needs to think about what they are saying not me. But that's obvious.

# by Reita-sama on 09/13/07 at 17:40:24

I am not offended, however. I simply find your overreacting amusing. It was a comment I made to the author of this extra—not you—and I stand by my opinion. This is hideous.

And you need to accept that people have opinions. The unbelievable stupidity was in your expecting others to conform to your own by rushing at them in this manner, swinging and carrying on like a child.

# by fireythefireman on 09/13/07 at 18:26:30

*yawn* Are you still talking???? Let's see..... there's people having in intelligent and educated opinion, and then there's ignorant people talking some shallow shit about people they know absolutely nothing about. And you are in no position to call anyone childish, seeing as how you made the initial childish comment. Personally it bores me to talk to people like you, but if i have to put them in their place every once in a while for saying something stupid, i will. And by the way, your continued attempts to convince yourself that I'm overreacting by defending an innocent artist, against a shallow judgmental idiot like you isn't convincing anyone. Now unlike you, i actually have things i need to do other than continue listening to you try to justify yourself in the manner that a child who doesn't know how to swim would be flailing around hopelessly in the deep end.

# by dweamtheater on 12/14/07 at 03:35:42

None of this changes the fact that Opeth sucks hard.

# by ragonamuffin on 10/10/08 at 00:45:54

whoa now calm down now. we are all metal heads here, lets settle this the way we should... MOSH PIT!

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Created by Ye Olde Redneck. I wish to thank Wolfsoap for the mouth movement idea.