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Submitted By Paul Armstrong (mnkeybsness)


All images were taken directly from I did this style for everyone who loves Strongbad and wants to be him making fun of people who send him messages.

[update: 6-1-04]: make sure to restart adium after you install it



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# by Anonymous on 05/14/04 at 02:38:51

Excellent, looks great. Now all I need is a matching soundset.

# by on 05/14/04 at 04:20:57

make a theam please cause its asome thanks man

# by on 05/14/04 at 14:42:45

Heh, this theme is hilarious... I'd be stoked on a soundset just because it would crack me up when someone sent me a message...

# by mnkeybsness on 05/14/04 at 15:04:14

I'm working on the soundset... for some reason the site won't let me upload anything

# by Anonymous on 05/14/04 at 21:24:15

This is great, because now when my friends ask, "How can you type with boxing gloves on?" I can just say, "DELETELED!!!!!!!!"

# by Crazycole2001 on 05/19/04 at 16:24:57

Will their be any Dock icons? i remeber reading about a "the cheat" but it was never made... I made a Contact list. A soundset was made... now all we need is a dock icon

# by on 05/20/04 at 05:42:39

I didn't love Adium so much until now when I downloaded this...

# by on 05/22/04 at 23:12:15

It was great on .56, then when i got .57, i lost the green and red alternating text colors... The white is so boring! Please bring the colors back...:(

# by mnkeybsness on 05/24/04 at 22:21:44

Dan: There is talk of a new way to use default colors. I opted to override the user settings because some people may see them as black and think that they won't be able to see messages.

# by on 05/28/04 at 03:16:29

Check me out!! No Seriously, CHECK ME OUT!!!

# by on 06/01/04 at 04:12:41

If you can get the soundsets see if you can get dock icons too. I would LOVE to have a The Cheat dock icon. :)

# by on 06/01/04 at 10:01:38

Hmm, the new version as of 5/30 makes me unable to see mine or my friend's messages.

# by on 06/02/04 at 00:48:38

*sniff* Ok, I'll wait...

Thanks very much for the prompt response, you have no idea how much I love this and the soundset.

# by on 06/03/04 at 17:09:09

You Rule!

Any chance of a Trogdor related background?


# by on 06/04/04 at 18:42:07

Also make sure that you've upgraded to Adium .57.1 it doesn't work under .56.

and about the soundset, someone has made one:


# by on 06/04/04 at 19:43:56

Now all we need is some kind of Strong Bad Contact list theme. With big pictures of the users. Right now my contact list only has text, no user images. Do I have a crappy theme or are they all like that?

# by Angie on 07/06/04 at 21:55:54

says can not be used for jaguar :(

# by on 08/13/04 at 03:49:34

Yeah, why doesn't it work on jaguar? Will it work on panther?

# by mnkeybsness on 08/25/04 at 14:10:38

webkit message styles DO NOT work on 10.2, only 10.3

# by on 09/01/04 at 19:43:48

Okay look, i love strongbad, but this thing doesn't work for mac OS X!! PLEASE MAKE IIT FOR MAC OS X!!!!!

# by Nosh on 12/01/04 at 08:00:40

Gotta make a new one for the Lappy 486, now.

# by mnkeybsness on 12/02/04 at 23:15:46

I'm all over it :)

# by mnkeybsness on 12/02/04 at 23:16:16

Also I'm going to completely update the original. See ya'll soon.

# by Nosh on 12/03/04 at 01:27:21

You oughta also make a contact list. Would like to see what you can do with it, since the other one out there is kinda weak.

# by on 01/25/05 at 05:38:26

Now it should be the Lappy 486, due to recent changes in Strong Bad emails.

# by Chort27 on 02/26/05 at 00:43:44

DUDE THIS ROCKS!! I LOVE IT! Dude, u r the man!!

# by Anonymous on 03/28/05 at 09:37:58

yeaaah this is the best theme in the world, the classic strongbad email, excellent job!

# by on 03/30/05 at 23:13:05

Dude, strongbad, U RULE!!!!. I love your e-mails, and your man, Da' Cheat. Hey, The Cheat, all my respect 2 u 2 bro. U guys rule. I'm lovin it.

# by miguel on 05/02/05 at 00:38:01

omg, this is great! ^_^

# by on 05/03/05 at 19:43:36

For those of you using this view, when upgrading to .80 make sure to turn on the 'Show Header' option under Messages Preferences.

# by Chels on 05/04/05 at 04:36:14

In .80, there's a large gap between the last message that appears and the text box. Still a great theme.

# by on 05/04/05 at 16:08:40

DANG IT, it's not working? What the CRA, DELETE THAT CRAP.... (crap deleted)... No But seriously, why is it not working? all i see is the bottom half of strongbads face?

# by on 05/04/05 at 16:11:03

People... simmer down... it takes time to update these things... I'll get around to it MAYBE next week or the week after (Finals are comin up)

# by on 05/04/05 at 16:23:22

It works! Yesssssss! I figured it out! *do a little dance, ,shake your groove thing* Make sure the Show Header option is checked if you encounter my mistake then enlarge IM window

# by Stefanie on 07/24/05 at 15:08:05

I love you

# by KingRyu on 11/29/05 at 10:55:19

strongbad theme r0x0rz!!!1

# by casslt07 on 01/04/09 at 18:53:40

okay, mine does something weird. the chat window must be a certain size in order for the proportions of the computer to be right. i can only see 2 messages at a time.

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