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Submitted By Alessandro Segatta (Segatta)


This is my very first Adium Xtra. I was inspired by... yes, the Apple iPhone Icons...

The package contains 6 icons: Away, Not Available, Occupied, Online, Offline and Loading (Animated)

Enjoy !

Please Comment, this way I can improve these or other icons...



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# by Spookster on 08/26/07 at 08:57:54


# by tasmanian_devil on 08/26/07 at 16:17:36

i luv it!!

# by Furqan on 08/26/07 at 18:35:25

Very nice, could you make some status icons as well for people on my buddy list?

# by csquared on 08/27/07 at 05:50:47

I'm going to second Furqan's suggestion—redoing these as status icons would rock. Nice work. A few nitpicks:

* You might want to save the preview image as a PNG instead of a GIF—right now, the GIF is misrepresenting your icons by showing banding in the gradients.
* In both the Online and Loading icons, the signal "cone" seems like it's at too acute/narrow an angle. Also, all of the arches (but especially the bottom one) looks too flattened out.

# by Segatta on 08/27/07 at 09:33:13

The status "iCons" :-) and the improved version of these Dock iTems are comming up, they are pending for approval.

thx 4 the suggestions...


# by faeriepixiedust8 on 08/28/07 at 01:20:03

i think you should add a status button for ppl on mobile

# by bassman92 on 08/29/07 at 00:46:41

and maybe add an icon for a new messages like a purple box with a message bubble, anything like that would be appreciated

# by alecocco on 08/29/07 at 11:30:45

Molto bella l'animazione in fase di connessione ^^

# by b1u3b0y on 10/24/07 at 03:45:39

This is a sweet Doc Set. I've been trying so many different ones but I'm very pleased with this one. Athough Is there a possability of creating an Icon for recieved messages? Also it would be really sweet if the entire Doc set was blue like the Not Available one (but keeping the black for loading and offline). Last but not least how do the occupied and away icons show up? I seem to only get the blue icon whenever I put myself as away or invisible. Sweet Icon set though!

# by jfahim on 06/24/08 at 17:51:39

great set!!!

# by baRRy on 07/08/08 at 11:49:12

very nice and easy to understand. good 1!

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Alessandro Segatta