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CS3 Colourful Contact List

CS3 Colourful Contact List

Submitted By Nathan (splodgecat)


I made this to go nicely with the background/icons i've been working on.

For the full story and to see the theme that it is meant to accompany, go here.

If you like a colourful desktop, trust me, this theme is worth a look!

The accompanying Dock icon should be here.

The status icons will make more sense once you check out the theme as a whole at the above link. Because I think they are an acquired taste and only really relevant to the theme I'm not going to upload them to Xtras but if you want them they can be found at the link. Obviously you can just use any status icons you like with this contact list.

Works well with any colour, it's simple and clean. Contacts appear and disappear nicely and the background for each contact flashes on and off when they have unviewed content.

Comments welcome, be gentle it's my first time ;)


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