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Submitted By Christian Cosas (csquared)


This soundset evokes early 8-bit videogames, using a heavily digitally processed electric piano. The melodies are built on whole tone scales. With version 2.0, I've also included a symphonic arrangement named Vidiot Concerto.

This collection, like my others, is a compositional experiment for me. I've designed this set to express a unified musical idea while also remaining simple and functional. Many other soundsets (including the official AIM and MSN alerts) merely resort to using basic major triads, diatonic scales, and consonant intervals like a perfect fifth or fourth. I wanted to develop something with a little more sophisticated music theory.

The alerts are encoded with AAC at 128 kbps, which allows me to bundle the soundset variations into a single collection. The sounds activate on the following events: Connect, Disconnect, Contact Sign On, Contact Sign Off, New Message Received, Message Sent, Message Received, Error, File Transfer Request, File Transfer Begin, and File Transfer Complete.

Copyright 2007 by Christian Cosas. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.


v2.0 - 3 November 2007 Added Vidiot Concerto variation. In the original variation, fixed and reworked the Error alert, which was only outputting through the left channel.
v1.0 - 8 September 2007 Initial release.

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Current Version: 2.0
Last Updated: 11/03/07
MIDI sounds generated with Garageband

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