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phpBB 2 Emoticons

phpBB 2 Emoticons

Submitted By E dixon (Reikon)


phpBB 2 Emoticons come to Adium. (I take no credit for the creation of the actual Emoticons) All original commands for the emoticons are there. (Ex: :lol: makes the lol smiley)



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# by on 07/26/04 at 20:38:52

Finally, an emoticon set worth using! Thanks!

# by Reikon on 07/27/04 at 15:19:42

No problem :D

# by ascarinthesky510 on 07/31/04 at 21:12:32

damn, you beat me to it. i was just about do this!

# by Reikon on 08/01/04 at 22:15:34 can always do the AIM ones...someone might like those.

# by on 12/20/04 at 07:00:45

This is missing quite a few emoticons, but other than that, excellent work. Would love to see a complete set.

# by Reikon on 01/04/05 at 03:09:50

I just did the standard emoticons that come with phpbb2 :)

# by on 06/10/05 at 20:06:57

Any way you could possibly get the rest of the ones that aren't standard? Cuz that would be awesome..

# by Brad101 on 05/31/06 at 23:56:27

I recently created a new forum ( and I'm looking for custom emoticons or a set that will complement my forum, any ideas? Or does any-one know of a graphic artist that specializes in smiles?



# by Some_Guy on 08/11/06 at 18:56:43

I am planning on adding several Emoticons to this set. If anybody has any icons that they would like added, or can suggest new keywords such as :rofl: to activate the Emoticons, contact me.

# by Niles on 01/15/07 at 01:22:34

Man, I was about to make this. Oh well.

# by ddamato on 10/07/07 at 15:28:21

Can you put images of all the icons you've used for this, please?

# by RichardL on 05/24/11 at 23:24:05

About 2 years ago I created another PUA forum ( and want to see about integration with some sort of chat client? Do you have an API?


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