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M Squared Minimal

M Squared Minimal

Submitted By MarcoM


This was originally based off "Fixed minimal_mod" message style but has been heavily rewritten. It will scale to different font sizes - 12px being the best. Designed to be clean, minimal and usable while still displaying all the important information.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

This is my first message style!

*** Please Read ***

Out of curiosity, which does everyone prefer... PLESAE let me know in the comment section. I will be updating this style this weekend.

1) When the message is more than one line and wraps, it returns to where the text started on the previous line. Benefits include a better visual clue to where each message started. This way has some errors in come countries that doesn't use the same time format as we do.

2) When the message is more than one line and wraps, it returns to where the time started on the previous line. Benefits include less waste of space (I think it still have a visual clue cause the timestamps are a different color) and no matter how the timestamps are formatted it will space dynamically.


Verison 1.1

* Added new color purple to variants.
* Fixed all Variants to have proper "Mirrors".
* Changed colors to "Web Safe" color palette.



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# by csquared on 09/14/07 at 11:23:44

Nice! Clean and very functional minimalist style. My only complaint is that you don't have "mirror" colors for everything—e.g., there's "Black vs Blue" but no "Blue vs Black"; there's "Blue vs Grey" but no "Grey vs Blue".

# by MarcoM on 09/17/07 at 01:43:13

Updated version 1.1 has all the color variants including all mirrors (and a new color purple for the ladies).

# by csquared on 09/18/07 at 05:13:49


# by dcentity2000 on 09/14/07 at 21:45:49

Very nice!

# by Brutal on 09/15/07 at 17:56:38

Love it!

# by modularsky on 09/16/07 at 15:51:08

how do you get your tabs to appear on the side of the window like that?

# by MarcoM on 09/17/07 at 00:45:12

Update to Adium verison 1.1 or greater. Then under Settings > General you'll see a "Show tabs on the: " setting.

# by webcookie on 09/17/07 at 02:02:05

I really like this. But I'd prefer a variant with no usericons.

# by MarcoM on 09/17/07 at 03:03:29

I will have it done within the week... stay tuned.

# by webcookie on 09/17/07 at 04:23:52


# by donsherio on 09/17/07 at 04:49:06

How bout a variant that shows user info up where it currently says "Conversation started at...." make the space show the User's icon, name, status, email, etc... sort of like in "New Modern View" ( If that was there... id say this was perfect.... oH but might want to make blue darker so its legible... other than that... perfecto! Its finally something i can use!)

# by MarcoM on 09/17/07 at 08:13:57

I have that on most of my other styles I've created... as far as i can tell adium only lets you use your icon, buddy's icon, buddy's name, and time the convo started in the header. I didn't know you could display the users status, I will definitly look into how he did it and update this style... again, give me a week.

# by Genesis on 09/18/07 at 12:28:22

On German systems it says "nachm." (short for Nachmittag) instead of PM. Problem is that it collides with the normal text. Does anyone know a way around this?

# by MarcoM on 09/18/07 at 16:09:10

I'll look into this... Would you prefer it to say PM or would you like the it to say nachm and have the text properly aligned?

# by Genesis on 09/18/07 at 17:59:32

PM definitely. The only other thing one might consider would be the option to allow 24h cycles, but I don't know whether that doesn't overcomplicate things. AM/PM would be just great. ;-)

# by MarcoM on 09/21/07 at 16:34:57

Question... Do you know any message styles that use custom timestamps have AM/PM for you? So I can see an example?

# by Genesis on 09/21/07 at 20:10:17

No. Apparently the standard for German systems always is 24h. But as you intend to add that anyway (see Katios comment), you can disregard my request.

# by duckie on 09/19/07 at 05:51:53

is there any way to have it so that we can see the person's background color when they send us a message? my friend uses yellow on blue and all i can see is a yellow font on a white bg, it's blinding. =[ i know we can set it so that we don't see their message colors, but i like to have that option.

# by MarcoM on 09/19/07 at 18:14:50

I'll look into it when I revamp it this weekend

# by KATIOS on 09/20/07 at 21:28:06

It's a great time, thanks a lot!
I have a request though, could it be possible to have a 24hour clock? As the standard themes use it on my system, I suppose there's a higher level function to show the time, in that case, it could be simpler and more powerful to use it, so it fits everybody.
Thanks again

# by MarcoM on 09/21/07 at 16:33:37

24 Clock option will be added this weekend (hopefully)

# by csquared on 09/25/07 at 14:31:23

Re: text wrapping, definitely option #1, which is the way it appears in the sample graphic above. Legibility should always be the first priority.

# by G-Force on 09/26/07 at 17:08:01

Agreed, definitely option #1.

# by dhruvk on 10/13/07 at 08:58:42

Any chance of message background color support?

# by webcookie on 11/12/07 at 08:40:21

Any updates??

# by MarcoM on 07/11/08 at 02:33:09

Let me know what updates everyone wants, I'll check back in a week and complete as much as i can!

# by zausora on 02/24/09 at 11:32:42

I like the style but it is unusable for me because it puts timestamps in 12h way, in my language and that leads to text overlapping.

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