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Badges Original

Badges Original

Submitted By SteveBoy


This is my second set of status icons!
Find the menubar icons here:
And the small icons here:

It includes 15 nice icons that's easy to recognize and simple.
The base is the red badge that apple uses to display numbers in dock icons.
If you think some of the icons should be remade, please say so.
And if you think I have left out an usefull icon, I would be happy to add it.
At this time I'm not intented to work more on this, but we'll see.

Please Vote and Comment, Enjoy!


No Mix :(
Duo to the file limit I wasn't able to include the Mix for now, I'll look into this later

Added 4 Colors and 1 Mix
Added Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple and a Mix featuring Black

Moved File and Deleted Another
Now the Tiny icones are moved to an own page and the small icons are gone

Added File
Added a file with even smaller icons, and these are not a scaledown

Added File
Added a file with just the small icones, as requested by mathuaerknedam



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# by mathuaerknedam on 09/20/07 at 15:09:39

The badges are too big for my contact list, but they're still nice!

# by SteveBoy on 09/20/07 at 16:27:09

Then I'll make a smaller verson, thanks for the comment!

# by mathuaerknedam on 09/20/07 at 16:49:04

You're welcome. I wouldn't b e surprised if shrinking the badges causes the all of the white icons become indistinguishable, so don't sweat it if that happens. There are several cool status icons that just don't scale down to tiny. :)

# by mathuaerknedam on 09/20/07 at 16:53:43

Oh, and the thumbnail is übərkül.

# by inescleto on 10/15/07 at 16:41:33

it's very nice, but can u make the badges more colourfull please?

# by SteveBoy on 10/15/07 at 17:52:18

Maby, you mean different colors for the different states?

# by inescleto on 10/15/07 at 18:19:25

absoluty right. it will be very nice if you can do it, thank you.

# by lofight on 10/23/07 at 14:52:54

very nice , i'm using them!

# by dcentity2000 on 10/23/07 at 19:31:20

I like em!

# by iwamoto on 10/24/07 at 23:11:00

it's realy cool, love the big one's, can't wait for a mix though, hurry hurry :D

# by mathuaerknedam on 11/20/07 at 14:44:28

Hm, same as with the mix/black set. I can't download this (been disabled...) to try out the fulfillment of my request! :)

# by SteveBoy on 11/20/07 at 16:01:38

The reason it has been disabled was becouse it was to big to upload, and then I have done other stuff. But i'll Fix this soon

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