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Trans Compact

Trans Compact

Submitted By SteveBoy


I wanted to have an elegant, transparent and compact contact list, but also informative. so I made one.
It has probably been made before but maybe not entirely the same.
I've been inspired by the "Overture 1928" style, but wanted to make a more compact version.

It has five styles and five themes.
They are almost the same but with some differences.
The original style has pictures and status icons (pic 2), the "small" style has just status icons (pic 3) and the "smaller" style has just text (pic 4). Then we have the "large" style (pic 5) and the "larger" style (pic 6).
The themes are based on how much opacity the contact list has: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% (pic 1)

The status icons on the pictures are my own "badges" found here:
but you can use with ever you like, but remember that all may not fit.

Don't forget to change the opacity to the theme you choose!
Please vote and comment, Enjoy!

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