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Submitted By Paul Armstrong (mnkeybsness)


This theme has 8 variants to show just how completely different things can look using different Cascading Style Sheets. If you have a good idea for another variant, just email me and I will look at including it.

0.58 Compatible


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# by on 05/14/04 at 14:19:56

I'd like to see user icons with the orange theme (3rd one down). I'd also like to see other colors like blue and green in the same orange style. I do like these themes! Good work.

# by on 05/14/04 at 17:58:57

Very lovely - I especially like the Fall Night one. I'd like there to be less space between the messages; right now the message view seems a little sparse. But that's just me, maybe. Anyway, this is hot.

# by on 07/26/04 at 08:37:14

I think this one is a bit underrated - check the css on this one, and you'll see that you can do quite a lot with the message styles. Thanks to this one, I may try my hand at making message styles. Great job.

# by on 10/21/04 at 08:20:28

# by on 10/21/04 at 08:22:46

(argh, sorry! do I ever feel dumb!)
I really like this theme, except for the dividers between consecutive messages. It would have been nicer if the dividers were between my and my buddy's messages. Since I coudln't figure that out, I removed them altogether. Perfect!

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