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Submitted By Christian Cosas (csquared)


Low-quality mono sample (206.9kb MP3). Actual alerts are much higher quality and in stereo.

Elysium is a harp soundset built around a musical interval of a perfect fifth. (Even so, I still found a way to incorporate dissonance using 9ths, 13ths, and 17ths. Music theory nerds, rejoice.) Also included:
  • Elysium Express, which uses a synthesized bell tone similar to those found in metropolitan public transportation stations. There is much less reverb than in the original arrangement, and it's ultra-compressed.
  • NEW in 3.0: Elysium Symphonic, which features thicker orchestral scoring underneath the harp for a fuller sound.

The original Elysium sounds and Elysium Symphonic are encoded with AAC at 192 kbps; in Elysium Express, they're encoded at 128 kbps.

This soundset, like my others, is a compositional experiment for me. I've designed it to express a unified musical idea while also remaining simple and functional.

The sounds activate on the following events: Connect, Disconnect, Contact Sign On, Contact Sign Off, New Message Received, Message Sent, Message Received, Error, File Transfer Request, File Transfer Begin, and File Transfer Complete. The MP3 sample at the top of the description plays the alerts in that order.

Please, if you're going to dock this soundset's rating, leave a comment of constructive criticism on how I can improve it.

Copyright 2007 by Christian Cosas. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.


v3.0 - 7 February 2008 Added Elysium Symphonic variation.
v2.0 - 16 November 2007 Added Elysium Express variation.
v1.0 - 2 October 2007 Initial release.


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# by evands on 10/04/07 at 22:05:27

Love it!

# by mathuaerknedam on 10/05/07 at 15:37:57

Cool (as always), but I think there's a mistake in the description where it refers to "Rezso"?

# by csquared on 10/05/07 at 18:20:25

Oops. That's what happens when you cut-and-paste and don't edit. Thanks for catching it.

# by Chrelion on 10/10/07 at 06:47:00

This kind of reminds me of the tones you hear going through Bioshock's menus.

# by csquared on 10/10/07 at 10:41:55

I'll take your word for itI haven't touched an FPS in years. Somebody else wrote on the Fool's Court soundset that it sounded like Kingdom Hearts. I guess when you have 12 tones and only a few seconds to communicate a musical idea, it's gonna end up sounding like something. :)

# by RAlfieri on 11/01/07 at 16:18:44

Beautiful! Thanks!

# by namtap on 11/12/07 at 22:33:13

This is incredible! Though I almost never use sound sets, I do like listening to them to see if there's anything good. And this is certainly good.

# by csquared on 11/12/07 at 23:34:53

Thank you! If you liked this one, you might want to check out my other composed soundsets. (The link is in the description above; go to the hyperlinked text, "my others". Or you could just click on my name.) I approach them all with a similar design aesthetic.

# by andylytical on 11/14/07 at 01:51:30

Very pleasant sounds. I give this a 5! If I ever stopped using my Starcraft soundset, this is the one I'd turn on.

# by ordinaryworld_ on 11/28/07 at 04:29:37

I really enjoy this, it's very soothing and refreshing

# by ether on 11/30/07 at 17:12:26

Absolutely superb!

# by msmercury on 12/05/07 at 20:09:27

I really like this one! Good job!

# by visualize27 on 12/19/07 at 18:57:30

Super job! Sounds awesome. I'm using the Express version.

# by Slypokeguy on 01/20/08 at 03:48:38

This sound set makes me want to practice my violin. :) It all sounds very well. Like the equivalent of Renkoo, but in sound. :D

# by rezzo on 02/27/08 at 14:18:40

Very pleasant sounds. Thanks!

# by Mozgovvert on 12/13/08 at 06:51:44

Very cool!! Love It : )

# by japii on 07/14/09 at 04:02:35

Man, this is absolutely perfect. I used the Trillian soundset for years and this is the first one to make me change. Love it.

# by iKaiser on 02/19/10 at 01:37:11

It's so beautiful!!! im using the "Elysium" version... sound s great! Great JOB!!!

# by mp5 on 06/05/10 at 09:52:56

Really skillfully done! I won' use it myself however because i find the sounds too long, and hence distracting.

# by csquared on 07/06/10 at 21:27:33

Have you tried the Express variation? I've thought about speeding up the tempo on that one, but it already seems pretty un-intrusive as it is.

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