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Weather Widget Contactlist

Weather Widget Contactlist

Submitted By capz


This is my first adium xtra, i always wondered why nobody made a contact list theme out of the dashboard weather widget, so i just made one myself.

Just as a sidenote, i have opacity set to 80% ; )



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# by csquared on 10/18/07 at 10:30:38

Elegant and well-executed. I've always loved the design of Apple's Weather Widget, and your interpretation is spot on.

It'd be nice to have a little more variety with the status icons—i.e., being able to differentiate between Away, Idle, and Invisible/Off states. You could use the Weather Widget's moon icon, and/or the stormy icon, and/or the "sunny with clouds" icon.

# by av3ry on 07/04/08 at 10:06:35

I really like the colors you have going on for this. I've customised this theme quite a bit, but I'm absolutely no good at starting from scratch, so I definitely owe you many thanks! :)

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