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Satin 72x72

Satin 72x72

Submitted By Corny (Corny)


Well, I just slightly modified it, so I let the creator speak himself:

A clean theme with a soft feel to it. Satin includes several layout and color options.

NOTE: To get the complete look and feel, reformat the incoming message font to Helvetica size 10 with a 27% gray color.
  • 1.2 Fixed formatting problems under 10.3.9 and 10.4.

Because I like the icons bigger, I sized them up to 72x72.



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# by h_man_ham on 01/30/08 at 16:11:57

thats a nice style. i like the simplicity and organization of it

# by Armas on 02/03/10 at 03:17:15

Hello, this is a great share. But Can you fix a display bug which cause the split of the status bar in tow lines. It's not smooth. I think you can arrange this by using a command which display only the first 200 characters if the line is too long. For exemple ...

This will be sweet.



# by Corny on 02/03/10 at 10:40:34

Restricting it to the first 200 characters wouldn't be sufficient since the status bar splitting is dependent on the window width. With limiting it to 200 characters, it would still be splitted on some configurations, including mine. I think I can set the status bar width relative to the window width, though - I will try that later.
Thanks for the tip, I saw it sometimes but never thought of fixing it :D


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