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iTunesInfo & Controller

iTunesInfo & Controller

Submitted By Evan Coleman (fiftyfour123)


This is the only iTunes applescript for adium that you will ever need.

type %_itunesinfohelp to get the help documentation

I am open to any requests

From the iTunesInfo documentation:

iTunesInfo Help

Here are some helpful commands:

Current Song: %_itunesinfo{current,divider}
Next Song: %_itunesinfo{next,divider}
Previous Song: %_itunesinfo{last,divider}
List Playlist: %_itunesinfo{list,divider}
Display Options: %_itunesinfosetup

Custom Message:


Options for custom message:
(Do not include asterisks)

*Name - Name of current track
*Artist - Artist of current track
*Album - Album of current track
*Time - Duration of current track
*Rating - Rating of current track
*Playcount - Play Count of current track
*Composer - Composer of current track
*Genre - Genre of current track
*Skipcount - Skip Count of current track
*BPM - BPM of current track
*Description - Description of current track
*Year - Year of current track
*Comments - Comments of current track
*Category - Category of current track
*Dateadded - Date Added of current track
*Size - Size of current track
*Bitrate - Bit Rate of current track
*Samplerate - Sample Rate of current track
*Kind - Kind of current track
*Aartist - Album Artist of current track
*Track - Track Number of current track
*Arating - Album Rating of current track

Controlling iTunes:
Play: /play
Pause: /pause
Stop: /stop
Next: /next
Back: /back
Previous: /prev
Play Track: /playtrack{name of song(whole name not needed)}

Sending The Current iTunes Track:
Send Track: /sendtrack
Send Track As Zip: /sendzip

If you are going to use any of my code, please give me credit.


This new version is universal and 32/64-bit. It will only work on Mac OS X 10.5 and later.



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# by hoklax16 on 08/26/08 at 16:58:43 the commands..great job!
what are the asterik ones though? how do you use them?
and what is that image for? how does that show up?

# by fiftyfour123 on 08/26/08 at 22:05:05

Everything you need to know is there. The list with all the asterisks are options for custom iTunes strings. For example if i want it to display the song title and the composer you would enter: %_itunesinfo{name composer, - } That would display the song name and composer separated by " - " (without the quotes). That image is accessable by entering %_itunesinfosetup into a message window.

# by ChozoSR388 on 09/10/08 at 12:14:18

What version of Mac OS X is this setup app designed for? I', using 10.2, just bounces a couple of times, and terminates...

# by fiftyfour123 on 09/10/08 at 17:58:57

Sorry, it won't work on 10.2. It should work on 10.3.9 and above though.

# by darkel on 04/24/10 at 22:38:33

hi, i m stupid,can u tell me how to activate after i installed to adium,thank!!! (i cant find the itunesinfo display options.....)

# by fiftyfour123 on 04/24/10 at 22:44:05

enter %_itunesinfosetup into any chat window and the display options will open.

# by darkel on 04/25/10 at 07:04:18

So how can it will show my itunes playing song info in the custom msg??

# by fiftyfour123 on 04/25/10 at 07:06:09

%_itunesinfo{current, - }

# by darkel on 04/25/10 at 08:46:26

um..just type %_itunesinfo{current, - } in the custom msg is ok? now in the custom msg only show %_itunesinfo{current, - } then nothing..

# by fiftyfour123 on 04/25/10 at 10:24:39

I'm not really sure what you're asking. You can use this like any other adium script. put it in your status, profile, or a message.

# by jackal242 on 05/01/14 at 21:57:27

Does not work at all. Nothing is updating my Available status.

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