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Trillian port

Trillian port

Submitted By Steve Guntrip (stevierar)


185 emoticons rescued and ported from Trillian Pro.

Any comments would be very welcome, I bought my first Mac about a week ago (and missed my Trill emots!), so I'm chuffed to have done something like this so soon (although I've been programming on Windows for years.. so I know a little bit about XML.etc!)

Hope you like them, and all comments/suggestions would be appreciated and taken on-board!

Version 0.2 released 2 hours after 0.1 :)
I done what I said, I've converted all the TIF files to GIFs, so they now all have transparent backgrounds and are all the right size!!




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# by tim on 08/02/04 at 14:39:52

(squirrel) excellent.

# by stevierar on 08/03/04 at 15:44:04



# by on 08/05/04 at 16:26:44

You might like my genmay pack, it's silly too :D

# by Kathleen on 08/16/04 at 22:57:57

Hey! I did the same thing about a month ago, but was afraid I might violate someone's copyright or something. Crazy copyright stuff. Design Hazard or Cerulean Studios...
But, hey! It's great to know I'm not the only person who moved off of Trillian and missed the smilies to death! ((My favourite is probably (dance) or :-$))

Did you port the animated ones? If you didn't, I already have them done. I can give them to you or post an add on to this one.

# by stevierar on 08/17/04 at 19:13:03

Hi, I ported all the animated ones - and some that I edited myself

Including (carse)(cmid)(cmid)(cmid)(cmid)(cmid)(cmid)(cmid)(cmid)(cmid)(cmid)(cmid)(cmid)(chead) which forms a giant catapillar!!

And yay for trillian, I was told that if the Trillian or Design Hazard people complain that they will be taken down.

Also - the :& one is replaced. My trillian converted friends are MSN users, and the MSN :& is embarassed so I changed that one, sorry!

# by Adam on 11/04/04 at 23:31:26

is it just me or does the :-) emoticon not work? mine's just blank

# by adam on 11/04/04 at 23:47:04

yeah, sorry for commenting before looking more into it. the problem lies in the plist file it says "emot_016016.tif" instead of emot_016016.gif. easy fix

# by none on 11/14/04 at 16:38:57

not my style...

# by on 11/29/04 at 08:51:52

dont work LOL and LMAO, but very good job.

# by diskopo on 11/29/04 at 22:28:42

How come someo f them have trill_emote_ at the start of the emote names? that makes them not work. :(

# by stevierar on 12/08/04 at 15:34:51

I shall fix it up soon to work with :-), the actual names of them may be called "trill_emote_" for the filename, but they should just link to the right gif surely?!

# by andrew_t29 on 09/02/07 at 23:28:58

Yes, edited the plist "name" string has no effect on the actual emotes showing. I did so, so now I know what the emotes names are.

# by solly3 on 03/15/08 at 07:50:51

How do you make your own smiley set?

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Current Version: 0.2
Last Updated: 08/01/04
Majority of original icons by Trillian team, see Readme for more. Ported and edited by Steve Guntrip.