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TDCM sound set

TDCM sound set

Submitted By Spencer Alves (impiaa)


Here is (finally) a sound set ripped from The Demented Cartoon Movie! If you have not seen it yet, it is a funny flash animation, located here. I recorded some sounds and put them into a sound set. Here is the complete list, including recommended matchings:
  • Contact leaves a group chat: driveby
  • File transfer completed: evil machine done
  • File transfer requested: evil machine request
  • File transfer cancelled by the other side: evil machine cancel
  • Contact requests authorization: timpany
  • Contact goes away: head explode
  • Contact is seen: up
  • "Splash": splash
  • Error occurs: fast forwarded wrong
  • Contact returns from idle: stage guy
  • New email notification: kamakazee watermellon
  • File transfer failed: evil machine done
  • Contact signs off: juliet out
  • Notification received: zeeky boogy doog
  • Contact returns from away: explosion
  • Message received (Initial): blah2
  • Dubious News: dubious news
  • You disconnect: outro
  • Contact signs on: juliet in
  • Contact becomes idle: squeak
  • File transfer begins: evil machine start
  • "Thbbt": thbbt
  • Contact joins a group chat: evil lair theme
  • Message received: blah1
  • Message sent: poof

I realize that there are too many sounds to go with events, so there is some room for mixing and matching your sounds!


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# by doiboi on 11/22/07 at 14:45:07

You crazy man!
I like it XD

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