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MSN Classic

MSN Classic

Submitted By Daniel Pritchard (danpritchard)


Have you ever longed for a crisp, clean contact list with classic, simple icons inspired by your favorite messenger from your Windows days? Then that makes at least two of us.

Carefully handcrafted based on the bitmap resources taken from MSN Messenger 1.0 for Windows, MSN Classic contains an almost-full set of status icons for your contact-list and conversation tabs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I can't figure out what to do for the "content" icon, which is what you get when someone's sent you a message you haven't read yet (MSN didn't really have a special icon for this). So I put the ICQ one there, many thanks to Mikka, creator of the ICQ Amazing set.

I'd love to replace that "content" icon with an animated icon, in fact I made one before I found out Adium doesn't support animated GIF icons (so lame!). I left the animated icon in the package, message-blink.gif. So if Adium ever does implement animated status icons and I forget about this, then it's there for you.

The "Mobile" icons were designed by me based on the standard "available" icon. The rest are from the resources. Many of them have had the badges moved around to the other side of the "buddy guy" icon, and transforms to get them to look consistent and as close to authentic as possible.

In other words, all the badges are on the left of the "buddy" in the "list" styles, while on the "tabs" styles the badges go on the right.


First release.



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# by danpritchard on 11/18/07 at 18:22:14

The second picture above (the horizontal strip of icons) is the actual bitmap resource I stripped out from MSN 1.0. I didn't include it in the package, but if you want to make a derivative work (which you have my permission to do) you can simply just use that one.

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Current Version: 0.8
Last Updated: 11/12/07
"Content" = from ICQ Amazing by Mikka. The rest, by Microsoft. Edited by me.