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Synthetic Myst

Synthetic Myst

Submitted By Brady Lee (SyntheticFrost)


Synthetic Myst is the 3rd set in the "Synthetic" series, and was a derivative of an early draft of Synthetic Frost.

"After the "Great Evolution", many new forms of life flourished. A mist crept in across the known land. Slowly it consumed what could be seen. Eventually all was lost. But was this a natural occurrence? Or was there something behind it all? As we travel back to this era in search of answers, what will you stumble upon in your journey through the Myst?"

Synthetic Myst was designed with the idea of a gradual pulling away from the generic sounds we all inherently associate with what IM sounds "are" in favor of a new ever-evolving standard.

Thank you all so very much for all the support you've given. Please if you would, leave your feedback so I may continue to improve these sets.

I realize the name changes are confusing to a lot of users. Trust me, I didn't wish to confuse anyone. I just wanted to group these sets into one theme for a larger, more long term roadmap. Bear with me here, folks.



Changes in 1.1
- Renamed from Simple Synths to Synthetic Synths to comply to new structural model based on series themes.

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Last Updated: 12/08/07