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Style Extract

Style Extract

Submitted By Félix Cloutier (Félix)


Style Extract is a very simple small application that lets you take your current contact list theme and layout and turn them into full-fledged working Xtras, placing them on your desktop, allowing you to upload them here easily. This is basically a shortcut for those of you who are creative but don't know much about Adium's internals. Just give a name and your list theme and layout is ready to be shared.

The source is available with the binary; you'll need Xcode 3 to build it. Feel free to make it better (I'm new to Cocoa & co.).

See my others XTras !
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# by jeru on 09/22/08 at 18:05:17

what theme is that? I'm guessing "Darkness" but I didn't know for sure. also, can you be sure to inform me of the font used for group name / contact name.

# by Félix on 09/22/08 at 23:32:27

It's 'Ghost'.

If I remember correctly, the font was Lucida Grande.

# by rob-to86 on 11/03/11 at 03:07:44

Great idea! Does anybody happen to know whether this still works with current versions of Adium?

# by Félix on 11/03/11 at 06:05:23

I would think that it does, since old styles still work.

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Last Updated: 01/02/08