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Adium Messenger

Adium Messenger

Submitted By Tim Kennett (axisdrama)


A slight variation of Tim Sturgeon's MSN 4 dock icon set. I had previously made one using the real MSN icons, but loved Tim's idea of using the ducks. So, for this set, I took some of the resources from my real MSN one, grabbed some ducks and used them in this set.

I recently made some slight changes per people's suggestions. The ducks are now slightly bigger and there are different icons between idle and away. The away icon is now different from MSN's away icon (actually using MSN's "busy" icon), but I feel it is more clear.

Let me know what you think! :-D



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# by Junpei on 08/09/04 at 00:11:19

I like the bigger "away" icon (though it's almost /too/ big), and the porportions of the two ducks seem closer to MSN, however, overall the icon is just a little small in the Dock, maybe a tad bit larger would be just right, but this is fine too. I wonder which set I should use!

# by capacity on 08/09/04 at 03:40:54

Now keep in mind that I'm not a MSN user, but wouldn't it make more sense for the clock to be representative of being idle as opposed to being away?

# by Junpei on 08/12/04 at 21:46:34

New one is great!

# by on 11/26/04 at 11:31:30

hey there, take a look at this one:

it's msn, but has a few icons (such as the one with the ! in it) for new messages and i think one for sounds off or soemthing. would be cool if you included one in here for new messages with the !! thing or something. or does this MSN-Duck have another icon for that?

btw.. i'm using this dock set since i found it and it's great! just apossible suggestion :)

# by on 11/29/04 at 08:12:26

Looks good man i like it,.. i started using Adium in a search to find a MSN messenger like program that doesnt have all the limitations that MSN for mac does and this works well.
i just wish I could actually set my status to 'busy' or 'out to lunch' or with this software like i can with MSN. i think thats the only problem with Adium. If i could see my friends 'status' it would be Peeeeerfect.

# by on 12/21/04 at 23:38:29

I think you can, though I am not sure about that because I use AIM.

# by Martaay on 06/13/05 at 18:17:02

yes you can set up the status messages, just choose the custom bit and put whatever ones you want on there

# by supermari on 11/25/06 at 12:42:49

Is there any way to get to see the "personal message" that people write in msn in adium?

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Current Version: 2.0
Last Updated: 08/09/04
Tim Sturgeon (for idea of using the ducks...brilliant!), Adam Betts for the original Duck icon, and Microsoft's Mac BU for the away and idle icons